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Facile fabrication of microlens array on encapsulation layer for enhancing angular color uniformity of color-mixed light-emitting diodes

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Estimation of Voltage Unbalance at the Reference Bus in Distribution System State Estimation

Three-Phase State Estimation for Distribution-Grid Analytics

Modified WLS three-phase state estimation formulation for fault analysis considering measurement and parameter errors

Hybrid Measurements-Based Fast State Estimation for Power Distribution System

Nonlinear oscillations of the interface of two liquids at the angular oscillations of the tank

PMU-Based Decoupled State Estimation for Unsymmetrical Power Systems

Discotic Dispersions Mediated by Depletion

Transmitarray Element with Three Phase States for Reconfigurable Transmitarrays

Water is Everywhere. It Holds Everything, Even a Key to Understanding the Universe. D. I. Mendeleev’s Law is the Prototype of the Universe Constitution

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Three Phase State 삼상 상태

Three Phase State 삼상 상태
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