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MOSFET-based Three-Phase Inverter using Arduino - Applicable in Microgrid Systems

Arduino-Based Three-Phase Inverter Using Power MOSFET for Application in Microgrid Systems

Model-Free Predictive Current Control of PMSM Drives Based on Extended State Observer Using Ultralocal Model

On the Lifetime Estimation of SiC Power MOSFETs for Motor Drive Applications

A Three-Phase Inverter Based Overmodulation Strategy of Asymmetrical Six-Phase Induction Machine

Designing of Three Level 3 Phase Inverter Using Improved SPWM Modulation for different Loads

Adaptive Fuzzy Approximation Control of PV Grid-Connected Inverters

Overmodulation Techniques of Asymmetrical Six-Phase Machine With Optimum Harmonic Voltage Injection

Direct Phase-Angle Detection for Three-Phase Inverters in Asymmetrical Power Grids

Decreasing the Transient Response Time for a STATCOM Base on Cascaded Multilevel Inverter

Eliminating Common-Mode Voltage Spikes Caused by Dead-Time Effect in Three-Phase Inverters Through Symmetrical Rotation Reverse Carriers

Designing the U/F Control Circuit and Space Vector Modulation for Three-Phase Inverter based on DSPIC30F4011

A Low Switching Frequency SPWM Strategy for Open-winding Machine with Low Current Harmonics

Single-Shunt Three-Phase Current Measurement for a Three-Level Inverter Using a Modified Space-Vector Modulation

A New Three-Winding Coupled Inductor Nonisolated Quasi-Z-Source High Step-Up DC–DC Converter

A Robust Controller for a Grid-Tied Inverter Connected Through an LCL Filter

Control and Simulation of a Three-Phase Inverter

Modulated Finite-Control-Set Model Predictive Current Control for Five-Phase Voltage-Source Inverter

Fault-Tolerant Predictive Torque Control Design for Induction Motor Drives Based on Discrete Space Vector Modulation

Artificial Neural Network Approach Assessment of Short-Circuit Fault Detection in a Three Phase Inverter

Tolerant Sequential Model Predictive Voltage Control for the Neutral-Point Clamped Three-Level Three-Phase Inverters

A Strategy for Eliminating Harmonics in Three-phae System with Harmonic Generators

A Structural-Algorithmic and Parametric Synthesis of Single-Phase Voltage Source Inverters for Increased Power Capacity

Power-Sharing Control in Bearingless Multi-Sector and Multi-Three-Phase Permanent Magnet Machines

A Transferrable Data-Driven Method for IGBT Open-Circuit Fault Diagnosis in Three-Phase Inverters

Current Control of a Three-Phase, Grid-Connected Inverter in the Presence of Unknown Grid Parameters Without a Phase-Locked Loop

Adaptive finite control set model predictive control for three-phase inverters connected to distorted grid with fewer voltage sensors

Carrier-Based PWM Overmodulation Strategies for Five-Phase Inverters

Fault Detection and Troubleshooting in a PV Grid-Tied Inverter

Generalized Approach for DCPWM Based Dual Inverter Fed OEWIM-DTC Drive

Overmodulation Operation of Two-Level PWM Inverters of Photovoltaic System with Double-Delta Configuration of Winding of Power Transformer

Generalized Space-Vector-Modulation Method for Soft-Switching Three-Phase Inverters

Passivity-based Fixed-order H-infinity Controller Design for Grid-forming VSCs

FFT based Classification of Solar Photo Voltaic Microgrid System

Simulation of a power electronic conversion system with short-term energy storage for actively controlled wave energy converters

Design and Implementation of a Three-Phase Inverter Operated with Different Conduction Modes

Failure Mode Analysis of the 3-Phase 5-Level E-Type Converter

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