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Narratives of energy poverty in Hong Kong


Race on Campus: Debunking Myths With Data by Julie J. Park (review)

A Bitter Divorce: Narratives of Crimean Annexation and their Relation to Larger State Identifications

Sanitizing Szigetvár: On the post-imperial fashioning of nationalist memory

The Construction of Power in the Strategic Narratives of the BRICS

Naming the Plague in Homer, Sophocles, and Thucydides

Examining Social Service Providers’ Representation of Trafficking Victims: A Feminist Postcolonial Lens

Pursuing Patient Safety at the Intersection of Design, Systems Engineering, and Health Care Delivery Research: An Ongoing Assessment.

The Profession(s)’ Engagements with LawTech: Narratives and Archetypes of Future Law

“We draw on what we know anyway”: The meaning and role of local knowledge in natural hazard management

Henry Kissinger’s Three Europes

Assessment reforms and grading

Crossing Borders: A Story of Refugee Education

Henry Kissinger’s Three Europes

Creative nonfiction and narrative inquiry

Possession and Precedence: Juxtaposing Customary and Legal Events to Establish Land Authority

The legal academy’s engagements with lawtech: technology narratives and archetypes as drivers of change

The Effects of Oral Narrative Intervention on the Personal Narratives of Children with ASD and Severe Language Impairment: A Pilot Study

The Disaster Artist of the long eighteenth century

Network data analysis in improving pedagogical supervision with software webQDA

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