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3DnST: A Framework Towards Understanding Children’s Interaction with Tinkercad and Enhancing Spatial Thinking Skills

Validity and Longitudinal Invariance of the 10-Item Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC-10) in Chinese Left-Behind and Non-Left-Behind Children.

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Queer representation in Arab and Middle Eastern Films

Knowledge and Practices during the COVID-19 Outbreak in the Middle East: A Cross-Sectional Study

Three Middle sentence examples within three middle layer

Metamaterials based hyperspectral and multi-wavelength filters for imaging applications

Lateral variation in crustal structure along the Lesser Antilles arc from petrology of crustal xenoliths and seismic receiver functions

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Quantification of the Rupture Potential of Patient-Specific Intracranial Aneurysms under Contact Constraints

Systematization and Description of the Arterial Blood Supply of the Paleopallia areas in the Brain Surface of the Wild Boar (Sus scrofa scrofa)

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Is Clean Development Always Possible? The Role of Environmental Policy in Developing Countries in the Presence of Aggregate Demand Spillovers

Investing in Free Universal Childcare in South Africa, Turkey and Uruguay: A comparative analysis of costs, short-term employment effects and fiscal revenue

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Improvement of Phantom Pain by the Bioresonance Technology


Why Is Energy Access Not Enough for Choosing Clean Cooking Fuels? Sustainable Development Goals and Beyond

Similarity in Sequential Bilateral Transient Osteoporosis of the Hip: A Report of 3 Cases.

Investigation 9. Tracing the Change in Discourse in a Collaborative Dynamic-Geometry Environment: From Visual to More Mathematical

Two-year follow-up of platelet-rich fibrin-reinforced and modified coronally advanced flap: Pinnacle of the regeneration milieu: Case series

Sex-stratified gene-by-environment genome-wide interaction study of trauma, posttraumatic-stress, and suicidality

Associations among affect, diet, and activity and binge-eating severity using ecological momentary assessment in a non-clinical sample of middle-aged fathers

A close look at teacher learning: Why are teachers’ journeys so different?

Towards an integrated study of urban CO2 emissions

Vertebrate Life, 10th Edition

Preventing child mental health problems in southeastern Europe: Feasibility study (phase 1 of MOST framework).

Adherence to a Lifestyle Exercise and Nutrition Intervention in University Employees during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Social Media Causing Communication Gap: A Study of Middle-Class Families in Latifabad, Hyderabad, Pakistan

Why energy access is not enough for choosing clean cooking fuels? Evidence from the multinomial logit model.

Channelling Intergenerational Desire in Catherine Johnson’s Mamma Mia!

Rutherford visits middle school: a case study on how teachers direct attention to the nature of science through a storytelling approach

A Discursively Oriented Conceptualization of Mathematical Problem Solving

Demarcation and correlation of stratigraphic sequences using wavelet and Hilbert-Huang transforms: A case study from Niger Delta Basin

Overpasses intended for human use can be crossed by middle and large-size mammals

Pleistocene forced regressive deposits on the Korea Strait shelf influenced by tectonic and ocean currents

Meeting Physical Activity Guidelines by Walking in Older Adults From Three Middle-Income Countries: A Cross-Sectional Analysis From the International Mobility in Aging Study.

A systematic review of vaccine preventable disease surveillance cost studies.

Teaching Chinese in Canada: epics of three Chinese scholars

Structural and pyrolysis behaviors analysis of coal pretreated with a weak acid

Modalities of cosmopolitanism and mobility: parental education strategies of global, immigrant and local middle-class Israelis

Treatment of Furcation Involvement Using Autogenous Tooth Graft With 1‐Year Follow‐Up: A Case Series

Changes in Psychological and Cognitive Outcomes after Green versus Suburban Walking: A Pilot Crossover Study

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Three Middle 쓰리 미들

Three Middle 쓰리 미들
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