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Multi-mode Hybrid Modulation Strategy for Three-level Converters based on Half-wave Symmetric SHEPWM

An Analytical Method for Fast Calculation of Inductor Operating Space for High-Frequency Core Loss Estimation in Two-Level and Three-Level PWM Converters

Dynamic-Space-Vector Discontinuous PWM for Three-Phase Vienna Rectifiers With Unbalanced Neutral-Point Voltage

A Three-Level Isolated AC–DC PFC Power Converter Topology With a Reduced Number of Switches

Space Vector Modulation in the 45° Coordinates α′β′ for Multilevel Converters

Efficiency Comparisons of Two-level and Three-level GaN/SiC based Converters

A Comprehensive Analysis and Modeling of The Bidirectional Three-Level DC-DC Converter with Auxiliary Control Scheme for Balancing Voltages of Its Capacitors

An Efficient Model Predictive Control Using Virtual Voltage Vectors for Three-phase Three-level Converters with Constant Switching Frequency

Bidirectional H8 AC-DC Topology Combining Advantages of Both Diode-Clamped and Flying-Capacitor Three Level Converters

A High Accuracy Characterization Method of Busbar Parasitic Capacitance for Three-level Converters Based on Vector Network Analyzer

A Carrier-Based Discontinuous PWM for Single and Parallel Three-Level T-Type Converters With Neutral-Point Potential Balancing

A Carrier-Based Discontinuous PWM for Three- Level T-type Converters with Neutral-Point Potential Balancing

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