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Three Discipline Collaborative Radiation Therapy (3DCRT) special debate: In the future, at least 20% of NIH funding for radiotherapy research should be allocated to non‐oncologic applications

Three discipline collaborative radiation therapy (3DCRT) special debate: The single most important factor in determining the future of SBRT is immune response

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“If they’ve had a middle class upbringing that’s not their fault”: the professional practices and personal identities of admissions staff at selective universities in England

Students as partners : on developing a student led conference to enhance the skills of UG project students

Three Disciplines sentence examples within three disciplines differ

Business education: Does a focus on prosocial values increase students’ pro-social behavior?

Active Mobility: Bringing Together Transport Planning, Urban Planning, and Public Health

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Action, Body, Technology: A Study of Cave, “The Man Who” and Hands

On the first occupational medicine initiatives in Mexico: The Real del Monte miners’ hospital

Concepts travelling across disciplinary fields: the case of the business model

The Impact of Genetics Research on Archaeology and Linguistics in Eurasia

Estudio de los procesos cognitivos en bailarines semi-profesionales (Study of the cognitive processes in semi-professional dancers)

Phraseology in Specialised Language: A Contrastive Analysis of Mitigation in Academic Papers

From Publications to Knowledge Graphs

A Psychological Approach to Language Teaching

De la exhumación de cuerpos al conocimiento histórico. Estudio de la represión franquista a partir del caso extremeño

Functional language in curriculum genres: Implications for testing international teaching assistants

Is the Bike Segment of Modern Olympic Triathlon More a Transition towards Running in Males than It Is in Females?

Same Question, Different World: Replicating an Open Access Research Impact Study

How Citation Is Signaled: A Corpus-Based Study on Reporting Verbs in Chinese Academic Papers


Language and Law: Brevity and Drafting in Law, Business, and the Social Sciences

A Project-Centric Learning Strategy in Biotechnology

69th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting: Personal experiences of two young scientists

Optimal power allocation and load balancing for non-dedicated heterogeneous distributed embedded computing systems

Overview of disciplinary data sharing practices and promotion of open data in science

Does University Prepare Students for Employment? Alignment between Graduate Attributes, Accreditation Requirements and Industry Employability Criteria.


Exposing Standardization and Consistency Issues in Repository Metadata Requirements for Data Deposition

Computational Creativity Meets Digital Literary Studies (Dagstuhl Seminar 19172)

Distribution of Pelvic Fractures in Racing and Non-racing Sport Horses: A Retrospective Study of 86 Cases Examined in a Referral Centre.

Survival of the Fastest: The Multivariate Optimization of Performance Phenotypes

Structural Organisation of Research Article Titles: A Comparative Study of Titles of Business, Gynaecology and Law

Enfermagem perioperatória e sua inserção nos planos de ensino das universidades


Portorož welcomed back the PT/EQA community

Interdisciplinary insights from instructor interviews reconciling “structure and function” in biology, biochemistry, and chemistry through the context of enzyme binding

Best practices for teaching green invention: Interviews on design, engineering, and business education

Variability in plasma concentrations of methylprednisolone 6 days after intrasynovial injection of methylprednisolone acetate in racing horses: A field study

The Three Stages of Disruptive Innovation: Idea Generation, Incubation, and Scaling

A Note on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics

Mapping the neural activities and affective dimensions of the ISP model: Correlates in the search exploration, formulation, and collection stages

Injury pattern among fencing players in India

The S-T-E-M Quartet

Political and Legal Thought

Un proceso de aprendizaje cultural particular: las identificaciones sociales, su funcionamiento, estructura, desempeño e importancia dentro de los proyectos de ingeniería social

The convergence of computational and social approaches for unveiling meaningful and valuable data

The NISAR Mission – An NASA/ISRO Space Partnership Supporting Global Research and Applications

Optimizing Transplanting Mechanism with Planetary Elliptic Gears Based on Multi-body Dynamic Analysis and Approximate Models

Integration of epidemiological findings with mechanistic evidence in regulatory pesticide risk assessment: EFSA experiences

A comparison of researcher–practitioner collaborations in library and information science, education, and sociology

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Three Disciplines 세 가지 분야

Three Disciplines 세 가지 분야
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