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Band structure engineering in 3D topological insulators.

Surface plasmons at the interface of metamaterial and topological insulator

Three Dimensional Topological sentence examples within three dimensional topological nodal

Magnetism in Cu2Si zigzag nanoribbon

Emergence of Topological insulator and Nodal line semi-metal states in XX′Bi (X = Na, K, Rb, Cs; X′ = Ca, Sr)

Majorana bound states in topological insulators without a vortex

Topological defect-mediated skyrmion annihilation in three dimensions

Electron-Hole Scattering Limited Transport of Dirac Fermions in a Topological Insulator.

Imaging current distribution in a topological insulator Bi2Se3 in the presence of competing surface and bulk contributions to conductivity

All-Optical Probe of Three-Dimensional Topological Insulators Based on High-Harmonic Generation by Circularly Polarized Laser Fields.

Intrinsic coupling between spatially-separated surface Fermi-arcs in Weyl orbit quantum Hall states

Hybrid fracton phases: Parent orders for liquid and nonliquid quantum phases

Review of recent progress on THz spectroscopy of quantum materials: superconductors, magnetic and topological materials

Fabry–Pérot interferometry with gate-tunable 3D topological insulator nanowires


Electron-electron interactions and weak antilocalization in few-layer ZrTe5 devices

Driven quantum many-body systems and out-of-equilibrium topology

Modification of the Hybridization Gap by Twisted Stacking of Quintuple Layers in a Three-Dimensional Topological Insulator Thin Film Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 61804056 and 92065102).

Novel Design Approach to Create Deep Water Metallic Buoyancy Modules

Sb2Te3 an optically potent topological insulator: A density functional study

Surface chemical treatment effect on (1 1 1) PbSnTe Topological crystalline insulator films

Topological polar structures in ferroelectric oxide films

Thickness-independent transport in thin (001)-oriented cadmium arsenide films

Quantum magnetic oscillations in Weyl semimetals with tilted nodes

Tunable non-integer high-harmonic generation in a topological insulator.

Magnetic Proximity Effect in an Antiferromagnetic Insulator/Topological Insulator Heterostructure with Sharp Interface

Epitaxial fabrication of topological Bi-Sb alloy films by surface alloying of Sb nanofilms

Planar Josephson Hall effect in topological Josephson junctions

Experimental observation of hydrodynamic-like behavior in 3D topological semimetal ZrTe5

Hierarchy of higher-order topological superconductors in three dimensions

Large thermopower in topological surface state of Sn-BSTS topological insulators: Thermoelectrics and energy-dependent relaxation times

Quantum confinement of the Dirac surface states in topological-insulator nanowires

An integrated strategy for designing and fabricating triple-layer vascular graft with oriented microgrooves to promote endothelialization

Axion electrodynamics in topological materials

Graphene/Bi2Se3 Heterojunction Phototransistor Using Photogating Effect Modulated by Tunable Tunneling Resistance

Spectral signatures of the surface anomalous Hall effect in magnetic axion insulators

Quantum Hall effect of the topological insulator state of cadmium arsenide in Corbino geometry

Tunable Berry curvature and transport crossover in topological Dirac semimetal KZnBi

Disorder effects in topological insulator nanowires

Nanosecond dynamics in intrinsic topological insulator Bi2−xSbxSe3 revealed by time-resolved optical reflectivity

Non-Abelian Charged Nodal Links in a Dielectric Photonic Crystal

Exceptional topological insulators

Non-Abelian hybrid fracton orders

Disorder-Promoted Splitting in Quasiparticle Interference at Nesting Vectors.

Current transfer torque and Hall conductance at the ferromagnetic topological insulators junction

Quaternion, Harmonic Oscillator, and High-Dimensional Topological States

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Three Dimensional Topological 3차원 토폴로지

Three Dimensional Topological 3차원 토폴로지
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