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Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation inside Giant Vesicles Drives Shape Deformations and Induces Lipid Membrane Phase Separation

Configuration of the ion exchange chromatography, hydrophilic interaction chromatography, and reversed-phase chromatography as off-line three-dimensional chromatography coupled with high-resolution quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometry for the multicomponent characterization of Uncaria sessilifructu

Numerical investigation on the MHD flow characteristics of eutectic lead-lithium alloy in a U-turn duct with different aspect ratios of the connecting channel

Numerical evaluation of the ground response induced by dewatering in a multi-aquifer system

Surface Densities Prewet a Near-Critical Membrane

The Efficacy of a Three-Dimensional Static Liquid–Vapor Interface Model to Calculate the Static Liquid Holdup of a Packed Bed

In Situ Optical Characterization of Twinning in Liquid Crystalline Blue Phases.

Latest Trends on the Future of Three-Dimensional Separations in Chromatography

Droplet Lasers for Smart Photonic Labels.

Connecting real glasses to mean-field models.

Comparison of the properties of segregated layers in a bidispersed fluidized bed to those of a monodispersed fluidized bed

Surface densities prewet a near-critical membrane

Do investors choose trade-size according to liquidity, empirical evidence from the S&P 500 index future market

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Three Dimensional Liquid 3차원 액체

Three Dimensional Liquid 3차원 액체
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