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Three Dimensional Fracture sentence examples within lost circulation control

Research progress and prospect of plugging technologies for fractured formation with severe lost circulation

Is traumatic meniscal lesion associated with acute fracture morphology changes of tibia plateau? A series of arthroscopic analysis of 67 patients

A Hybrid Model for Simulating Fracturing Fluid Flowback in Tight Sandstone Gas Wells considering a Three-Dimensional Discrete Fracture

Comprehensive identification of statistical homogeneity of fractured rock masses for a candidate HLW repository site, China

Knowledge extraction and transfer in data-driven fracture mechanics

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The role of fracture networks randomness in thermal utilization of enhanced geothermal system

Studies on directional breaking controlled theory of slotted cartridge blasting for rock

Verification benchmarks for single-phase flow in three-dimensional fractured porous media

Advantages of supercritical CO2 compound fracturing in shale on fracture geometry, complexity and width

Characteristics Analysis of Generalized Rock Quality Designation (RQD) Based on Degree of Joint Development

A Semianalytical Model for Simulating Fluid Flow in Tight Sandstone Reservoirs with a Bottom Aquifer

Unexpected, mystifying but simple three-dimensional dynamic fracture phenomena

Quantitative analysis of fracture dynamic evolution in coal subjected to uniaxial and triaxial compression loads based on industrial CT and fractal theory

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Three Dimensional Fracture 3차원 골절

Three Dimensional Fracture 3차원 골절
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