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Drone-Based StereoDIC: System Development, Experimental Validation and Infrastructure Application

Rupture Kinematics and Coseismic Slip Model of the 2021 Mw 7.3 Maduo (China) Earthquake: Implications for the Seismic Hazard of the Kunlun Fault

Study on Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of Overlying Strata in Deep Coal Mining Process

Adduction Induces Large Optic Nerve Head Deformations in Subjects with Normal Tension Glaucoma

RC U-shaped walls subjected to in-plane, diagonal, and torsional loading: New experimental findings

Failure analysis and design optimization of shrouded fan blade

Assessment of the fracture toughness of neutron-irradiated nuclear graphite by 3D analysis of the crack displacement field

Slope surface displacement monitoring based on a photogrammetric system

Target vessel displacement during fenestrated and branched endovascular aortic repair and its implications for the role of traditional computed tomography angiography roadmaps.

Interaction of Loading and Ligament Injuries in Subtalar Joint Instability Quantified by 3D Weightbearing Computed Tomography.

On the mechanical analysis of microcrystalline cellulose sheets

Noise-insensitive contour method for residual stress measurement in laser butt welding

Behavior of CAD/CAM ceramic veneers under stress: A 3D holographic study.

Advancing Ground-Based Radar Processing for Bridge Infrastructure Monitoring

A study on understanding the physical mechanism of change in ultrasonic envelope statistical property during temperature elevation.

Numerical and perturbative analysis on non-axisymmetric Homann stagnation-point flow of Maxwell fluid

Smart sensors to predict entrainment of freshwater mussels: a new tool in freshwater habitat assessment

The curvature peaks of the trajectory of the body centre of mass during walking: A new index of dynamic balance.

Comparison Between the Facial Flow Lines of Androids and Humans

Numerical model of CO2 fracturing in naturally fractured reservoirs

Dynamic analyses of viscoelastic three-dimensional structures with advanced one-dimensional finite elements

Efficient Modeling of Proppant Transport During Three-Dimensional Hydraulic Fracture Propagation

Stochastic Modeling of Subseismic Faults Conditioned on Displacement and Orientation Maps

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Three Dimensional Displacement 3차원 변위

Three Dimensional Displacement 3차원 변위
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