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Влияние параметров элементарной ячейки тетрахирального механического метаматериала на его эффективные свойства

Geometric Response and Disclination-Induced Skin Effects in Non-Hermitian Systems.

Enhanced circular dichroism and biosensing application of planar chiral nanostructure by covering graphene nanobelts

A disposable dual-signal enantioselective electrochemical sensor based on stereogenic porous chiral carbon nanotubes hydrogel.

Self-rotating 3D chiral mechanical metamaterials

Sequential Symmetry-Breaking Events as a Synthetic Pathway for Chiral Gold Nanostructures with Spiral Geometries.

Manipulating valley-polarized photoluminescence of MoS2 monolayer at off resonance wavelength with a double-resonance strategy

Multi-focus multi-photon 3D printing of microstructured chiral mechanical metamaterials with large characteristic length

Three-dimensional chiral magnetization structures in FeGe nanospheres

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Three Dimensional Chiral 3차원 키랄

Three Dimensional Chiral 3차원 키랄
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