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Nickel-catalyzed formation of quaternary carbon centers using tertiary alkyl electrophiles.

Palladium catalyzed cascade umpolung allylation/acetalation for the construction of quaternary 3-amino oxindoles.

I2/DMSO-catalyzed one-pot approach for the synthesis of 1,3,4-selenadiazoles

Hypervalent iodine(iii)-promoted rapid cascade reaction for the synthesis of unsymmetric azo compounds.

Rh(III)-Catalyzed three-component cascade annulation to produce the N-oxopropyl chain of isoquinolone derivatives.

Base-Promoted Three-Component Cascade Reaction of α-Hydroxy Ketones, Malonodinitrile, and Alcohols: Direct Access to Tetrasubstituted NH-Pyrroles.

Bromine radical as a visible-light-mediated polarity-reversal catalyst

Three-component heteroannulation for tetrasubstituted furan construction enabled by successive defluorination and dual sulfonylation relay

Electrochemical-mediated fixation of CO2: three-component synthesis of carbamate compounds from CO2, amines and N-alkenylsulfonamides

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Three Component Cascade 3성분 캐스케이드

Three Component Cascade 3성분 캐스케이드
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