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Thickness Within sentence examples within Cortical Thickness Within

A structural MRI study of differential neuromorphometric characteristics of binge and heavy drinking

Changes in cortical thickness and volume after cranial radiation treatment: A systematic review.

Thickness Within sentence examples within Layer Thickness Within

Polyelectrolyte adsorption in single small nanochannel by layer-by-layer method.

Efficiency of MAPbI3-Based Planar Solar Cell Analyzed by Its Thickness-Dependent Exciton Formation, Morphology, and Crystallinity.

Thickness Within sentence examples within Wall Thickness Within

On the stress state of a pressurised pipe with an initial thickness variation, subjected to non-homogeneous internal corrosion

Distribution of short to medium amylose chains are major controllers of in vitro digestion of retrograded rice starch

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Thickness Within sentence examples within Ice Thickness Within

Observation and thermodynamic modeling of the influence of snow cover on landfast sea ice thickness in Prydz Bay, East Antarctica

On the discretization of the ice thickness distribution in the NEMO3.6-LIM3 global ocean–sea ice model

Thickness Within sentence examples within Film Thickness Within

Parameter Settings for an Automated Gantry-Robot Painting System using a 3-Gun Atomization Spray Method for an Anti- Static Coating Process

Oil distribution and oil film thickness within the piston ring-liner contact measured by laser-induced fluorescence in a reciprocating model test under starved lubrication conditions

Thickness Within sentence examples within thickness within 1

Effect of coating thickness on the tool wear performance of low stress TiAlN PVD coating during turning of compacted graphite iron (CGI)

Cathodoluminescence Analysis for the Nondestructive Evaluation of Silica Scale on an Iron-Based Alloy

Evaluation and comparison of different polymerization techniques, curing cycles, and thicknesses of two denture base materials

Effect of Ferroelectric Thickness Variation in Undoped HfO2-Based Negative-Capacitance Field-Effect Transistor

Cortical thickness and formal thought disorder in schizophrenia: An ultra high-field network-based morphometry study

Hemoglobin level and macular thinning in sickle cell disease

The volume of villi with γ-sm-actin positive perivascular cells correlates with placental weight and thickness.

Electrical and Morphological Characterization of Zinc-Doped α- Fe2O3 Thin Films at Different Annealing Temperature

Electrical and morphological characterization of zinc-doped α- Fe2O3 thin films at different annealing temperature

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Thickness Within 두께 이내

Thickness Within 두께 이내
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