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Influence of Ni / NiO Ratio on the Performance of Thermoelectrochemical Waste Heat Harvester Based on Hollow Microspheres

A flexible quasi-solid-state thermoelectrochemical cell with high stretchability as an energy-autonomous strain sensor.

Hybrid thermoelectrochemical and concentration cells for harvesting low-grade waste heat

Hydrogels Containing the Ferri/Ferrocyanide Redox Couple and Ionic Liquids for Thermocells

Application of a water-soluble cobalt redox couple in free-standing cellulose films for thermal energy harvesting

The Effect of Solvent on the Seebeck Coefficient and Thermocell Performance of Cobalt Bipyridyl and Iron Ferri/Ferrocyanide Redox Couples

Synthesis, Analysis and Thermoelectrochemical Applications of Ionic Liquids

Development of new electrode materials for thermo-electrochemical cells for waste heat harvesting

Stacked double-walled carbon nanotube sheet electrodes for electrochemically harvesting thermal energy

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Thermoelectrochemical Cells 열전기화학 전지

Thermoelectrochemical Cells 열전기화학 전지
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