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Trans-scale multi-physics coupling finite element model of concrete during freezing and thawing

Analysis and Optimization Study of Piston in Diesel Engine Based on ABC-OED-FE Method

Modeling and Thermal-Mechanical Coupling Analysis of Piston in Car Engines

Inverse Simulation for Salt Cavern Wall Collapse during Cycling Loading: A Field Case Study

Study on the evolution process of recast layer for fast EDM drilling based on observation experiment and a novel thermal-fluid coupling model

Research progress on formation mechanism of surface integrity in titanium alloy machining

Prediction and experimental study on thermal stress in multi-tooth form grinding of cycloid gear

Numerical Simulation of Continuous Casting Round Blooms with Different Solidification End Reduction Strategies

Effect of laser scanning speed on the thermal-mechanical coupling field of laser remelting of valve seat

Thermo-mechanical modeling and analysis of friction spot joining of Al alloy and carbon fiber-reinforced polymer

Analysis of thermal-mechanical causes of abrasive belt grinding for titanium alloy

Inhomogeneity of microstructure in friction stir welded TC17 alloy joint and its effects on mechanical behavior

Research on the Reliability of Board Level Interconnect Solder Joints under Thermal-Mechanical Coupling

Study on the Damage Evolution Process and Fractal of Quartz-Filled Shale under Thermal-Mechanical Coupling

Stress response and contact behavior of PEMFC during the assembly and working condition

Influence of Structural Parameters of Shape Memory Alloy Corrugated Gaskets on the Contact Pressure of Bolted Flange Joints


Simulation Analysis of Residual Stress of Sintered Nano-Silver under Multilayer Stacked Module

Investigating the Effect of Temperature Changes on the Physical Field of Surrounding Rock in a Deep Gold Mine

Effect of h-BN/EP and BNNS/EP Composite Materials on the Reliability of Flip Chip

Wave Soldering Coupled Thermal-mechanical Simulation of Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitors

Multi-body Dynamic Modelling and Error Analysis of Planar Flexible Multilink Mechanism Considering Clearance and Thermal-mechanical Coupling Effect of the Crankshaft-bearing Structure

Thermal-mechanical coupling-oriented system reliability optimization of composite structures

The mechanism of crack propagation during frost heave damage in fractured rock mass at low temperature

Structure optimization of gasket based on orthogonal experiment and NSGA-II

Frost-Heave Deformation and Prevention Technology of Power Transmission and Transformation Foundation under Extreme Boundary Temperature

A novel temperature-strain synchronous measurement method

Effects of residual stress on the stability of multi-welded integral stiffened panels

Manufacture-friendly nanostructured metals stabilized by dual-phase honeycomb shell

Numerical Simulation Research on Multi-field Coupling of Underground Energy Pile

Thermo-mechanical coupling analysis of the end faces for a mechanical seal under dry friction

Thermal-mechanical Coupling Analysis of Rear Wheel Brake of Sightseeing Vehicle Based on Workbench

Nonlinear analysis of thermal-mechanical coupling bending of FGP infinite length cylindrical panels based on PNS and NSGT

A data-driven fusion model for energy consumption prediction of hot extrusion forming

Numerical Study on Damage Zones Induced by Excavation and Ventilation in a High-Temperature Tunnel at Depth

Thermal-mechanical coupling calculation method for deformation error of motorized spindle of machine tool

Analysis of Temperature, Stress and Displacement Distribution under Freeze-Thaw Considering the Influence of Initial Boundary and Insulation Layers

Design and analysis of aluminum alloy-rigid polyurethane foam-cored common bulkhead for cryogenic tanks

An investigation on deformation behavior of Lithium-ion battery based on the electrochemical-thermal-mechanical coupling model

A novel method to study the energy conversion and utilization in artificial ground freezing

PFC Numerical Simulation Study of Thermal-mechanical Coupling of Sandstone under Unidirectional Heating

Microstructure and mechanical properties of dissimilar NiTi/Ti6Al4V joints via back-heating assisted friction stir welding

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Thermal Mechanical Coupling 열 기계적 커플링

Thermal Mechanical Coupling 열 기계적 커플링
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