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Thermal performances and emitter efficiency improvement studies on premixed micro-combustors with different geometric shapes for thermophotovoltaics applications

Thermal-exergetic behavior of a vertical double-tube heat exchanger with bubble injection

Application of the Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Modeling to Forecast Energy Efficiency in Real Buildings Undergoing Thermal Improvement

Economic vs environmental isocost and isoperformance curves for the seismic and energy improvement of buildings considering Life Cycle Assessment


Review of the effect of sand on the behavior of expansive clayey soils

Numerical Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement for Mono and Hybrid Nanofluids Flow in a Straight Pipe

HeM3D: Heterogeneous Manycore Architecture Based on Monolithic 3D Vertical Integration

Enhanced heat transfer in H2O inspired by Al2O3 and γAl2O3 nanomaterials and effective nanofluid models

Computational assessment of thermal performance of 3D printed concrete wall structures with cavities

Combined geospatial and techno-economic analysis of deep building envelope retrofit

Charging and Discharging a Coaxial Borehole Heat Exchanger as a battery

Transforming our buildings for a low-carbon era: Five key strategies

Energy consumption of high-performance buildings: Design vs. Reality

Combined effects of holes and winglets on chevron plate-fins to enhance the performance of a plate-fin heat exchanger working with nanofluid

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Влияние микролегирования на механические свойства низкоуглеродистой хромоникельмолибденовой стали

Environmental and economic implications of energy efficiency in new residential buildings: a multi-criteria selection approach

Sentinel-2C instrument new features and first instrument performance characterization

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Thermal Improvement 열 개선

Thermal Improvement 열 개선
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