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Thermal Explosion sentence examples within self accelerating decomposition

Thermal Decomposition Kinetics and Compatibility of 3,5-difluoro-2,4,6-trinitroanisole (DFTNAN)

Two interesting derivatives of 1-amino-1-hydrazino-2,2-dinitroethylene (AHDNE): synthesis and thermal properties

Thermal Explosion sentence examples within high energy ball

Ultra-Refractory Hf4ZrC5–(Hf,Zr)B2 Composites by Electrothermal Explosion under Pressure

Thermal Explosion sentence examples within Novel Thermal Explosion

Dissimilar joining mechanism, microstructure and properties of Ni to 316 stainless steel via Ni-Al thermal explosion reaction

Brazing of Gr/2024Al composite and TC4 using AgCuTi filler with the assist of Ti-Al-C-Cu interlayer

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Thermal Explosion sentence examples within thermal explosion mode

Prospective of combustion method for preparation of nanomaterials: A challenge

Structural and mechanical properties of Ti–Al–Nb–Mo–B alloy produced from the SHS powder subjected to high-energy ball milling

Thermal Explosion sentence examples within thermal explosion reaction

Achieving superior performance in thermoelectric Bi0.4Sb1.6Te3.72 by enhancing texture and inducing high-density line defects

Influence of Al12Mg17 Additive on Performance of Cold-Sprayed Ni-Al Reactive Material

Thermal Explosion sentence examples within thermal explosion proces

Heating-Assisted Preparation of Ferrotitanium to Recover Valuable Elements of Ilmenite and Reduce Aluminum Consumption

A review of the mechanism by which exploding bridge-wire detonators function

Thermal Explosion sentence examples within thermal explosion hazard

Experimental and numerical simulation to identify the thermal hazards and hazardous scenarios of N-Nitrodihydroxyethyl dinitrate

Evaluation of thermal hazards based on thermokinetic parameters of 2-(1-cyano-1-methylethyl)azocarboxamide by ARC and DSC

Qualitative Investigating on the Effect of Fine Water Spray and Its Orientation in Mitigating Vapour Cloud Explosions

Synthesis of the Ni–Al–C Composite with Multilayer Carbon Nanostructures by an Electrothermal Explosion under Pressure

Effect of Carbon on the Electrical Resistivity of Ni–Al Intermetallic Alloy Synthesized by an Electrothermal Explosion under Pressure

Microstructure and properties of Co–Al porous intermetallics fabricated by thermal explosion reaction

Rapid synthesis of MoAlB ceramic via thermal explosion

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New insights into physics of explosive water boiling derived from molecular dynamics simulations

Cu–Sb Solder Alloy by Combustion Synthesis: Structural Characterization and Magnetic Properties

Synthesis and Properties of Hydrazine Picrate

Ti–TiC Composites by Thermal Explosion in Mechanically Activated Ti–xC Powder Blends (x = 1.0–6.3 wt %)

A quartic trigonometric B-spline collocation method for a general class of nonlinear singular boundary value problems

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Effects of magnesium on initial temperature and mechanical activation on combustion synthesis in Ti–Al–Mg system

Ultrasonic Non-Contact Diagnostics of the Surface of Burning Aluminum Nanopowder

Separating the reaction and spark plasma sintering effects during the formation of TiC–Cu composites from mechanically milled Ti–C–3Cu mixtures

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A toy model for the epidemic-driven collapse in a system with limited economic resource

Reaction mechanism and oxidation resistance at 700–900 °C of high porosity NiAl intermetallic

Influence of Heating Modes of Compacted Samples from Nickel Powders with Nanosized Particles on Their Interaction with Air

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Effect of carbon on the electrical resistivity of Ni – Al intermetallic alloy synthesized by an electrothermal explosion under pressure

Preparation of Porous NiAl Intermetallic with Controllable Shape and Pore Structure by Rapid Thermal Explosion with Space Holder

Ultra-High-Temperature Composite Hf4ZrC5 Produced by Electrothermal Explosion under Pressure

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Correctness of determination of energetic materials high temperature decomposition kinetics

Damaging Factors of a Nuclear Accident at the Nuclear Submarine K-431 in the Chazhma Bay

Volcanic Tremor and its Relation to Volcano- and Glacier-related Processes


Variational model of thermal explosion in an ellipsoid of revolution

Mechanical Activation and Thermal Treatment of Low-Energy Nb-2Si Powder Blend. The Experiment. II. Mathematical Model

Microstructure and oxidation resistance of porous NbAl3 intermetallic prepared by thermal explosion reaction

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Influence of Factors Affecting the Parameters of Combustion of Aluminum Nanopowders in the Bulk Layer

Porous NbAl3/TiAl3 intermetallic composites with controllable porosity and pore morphology prepared by two-step thermal explosion

Electrothermal Explosion of a Titanium—Soot Mixture under Quasistatic Compression. I. Thermal and Electric Parameters

Formation of Grain Structure in Ni3Al Intermetallic Compound Synthesized by Thermal Explosion

Combustion characteristics and structure of carbon nanotube/titanium composites

Thermal Decomposition of Rigid Polyurethane Foams/RDX Gun Propellants

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Hydrochemical Characteristics and Evolution of Hot Fluids in the Gudui Geothermal Field in Comei County, Himalayas


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On the versatility and distinctiveness in the use of microwave energy for the ignition of low exothermic Ni–Ti intermetallics combustion synthesis

Electrothermal Explosion of a Titanium–Soot Mixture under Quasistatic Compression. II. Kinetics and Mechanism of Interaction in a Titanium–Soot Mixture

Haar wavelet collocation approach for Lane-Emden equations arising in mathematical physics and astrophysics

Gelfand-type problem for turbulent jets.

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Investigation of the Possibility for Control of High-Temperature Synthesis of Nanomaterials

A study on the comprehension of differences in specific kinetic energy of TKX-50 and HMX from the perspective of gas products.

Porous Ni–Al–CGO Cermet for Use in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

B-spline collocation methods and their convergence for a class of nonlinear derivative dependent singular boundary value problems

Critical autoignition conditions for arbitrary reaction order

Synthesis and Thermal Properties of Three Energetic Ion Salts of 3,6-Bis[(1H-1,2,3,4-tetrazol-5-yl)-amino]-1,2,4,5-Tetrazine

Effect of Synthesis Mode and Ni Particle Size on Microstructural Aspects and Hardness Properties of Combustion-Synthesized NiTi

Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis of a Thin-Layer CuO–B–Glass System

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Influence of the Mechanical Activation of Reaction Mixture on the Formation of Microstructure of ZrB2–CrB Composites Obtained by Electrothermal Explosions under Pressure

Thermal–mechanical analysis for confined HMX-based polymer-bonded explosives

Thermal hazard and kinetic study of 5-(2-pyrimidyl) tetrazole based on deconvolution procedure

A Modified Homotopy Perturbation Method for Nonlinear Singular Lane–Emden Equations Arising in Various Physical Models

Exothermic synthesis and consolidation of single-phase ultra-high temperature composite Ta4ZrC5

A fast and accurate computational technique for efficient numerical solution of nonlinear singular boundary value problems

Synchrotron in situ studies of mechanical activation treatment and γ-radiation impact on structural-phase transitions and high-temperature synthesis parameters during the formation of γ-(TiAl) compound.

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Diffuse emission of CO2 and convective heat release at Nisyros caldera (Greece)

TiZrNiCuAl and TiNbNiCuAl Alloys by Thermal Explosion and High-Energy Ball Milling

Synthesis of Composites Made of Powder Mixtures (Ti, C, and Al) in Controlled Heating

Rapid reactive synthesis of TiAl3 intermetallics by thermal explosion and its oxidation resistance at high temperature

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Variational estimates of the parameters of a thermal explosion of a stationary medium in an arbitrary domain

Exothermic Synthesis and Consolidation of Single-Phase Ultra-High-Temperature Composite Ta4ZrC5

Synthesis and Thermal Properties of Three Energetic Ion Salts of 3,6-Bis[(1 H -1,2,3,4-t etrazol-5-yl)-amino]-1,2,4,5-t etrazine

Meso-resolved simulations of shock-to-detonation transition in nitromethane with air-filled cavities

In situ synchrotron research of phase formation in mechanically activated 3Ti + Al powder composition during high-temperature synthesis under the condition of heating with high-frequency electromagnetic fields.

Exothermic Processes in Mixtures of TBP with Uranyl Nitrate

Singularly Perturbed Vector Field Method (SPVF) Applied to Combustion of Monodisperse Fuel Spray

Ranking the Drop-Weight Impact Sensitivity of Common Explosives Using Arrhenius Chemical Rates Computed from Quantum Molecular Dynamics Simulations.

Observation of Phase Transitions in the W–C System during Electrothermal Explosion under Pressure

Exothermic behavior and thermodynamic analysis for the formation of porous TiAl3 intermetallics sintering with different heating rates

Solution of Ill-Posed Problems on the Prediction of Nonstationary Regimes of Work of a Reactor for Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis

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Thermal Explosion 열 폭발

Thermal Explosion 열 폭발
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