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Online Extremism and Terrorism Research Ethics: Researcher Safety, Informed Consent, and the Need for Tailored Guidelines

Terrorism Confidential: Ethics, Primary Data and the Construction of “Necessary Fictions”

The Implication of Terrorism’s Extremely Low Base Rate

Primum Non Nocere – First Do No Harm

The Development of the Framework for Research Ethics in Terrorism Studies (FRETS)

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The Crime–Terror Nexus

Research on historical phase division of terrorism: An analysis method by time series complex network

Online Right-Wing Extremism: New South Wales, Australia

Emotions and affect in terrorism research: Epistemological shift and ways ahead

A bridge too far? An academic-national security practitioner dialogue on research collaboration across the divide

Psychology perspectives on community vengeance as a terrorist motivator: a review

Analysis of Global Terrorist Activities Based on Social Network

Visualizing the relationship among indicators for lone actor terrorist attacks: Multidimensional scaling and the TRAP-18.

Another Form of American Exceptionalism? A Comparative Analysis of Terrorism Sting Operations in the US and Abroad

Domestic tourism and terrorism: an ignored field

Introduction: Constructions of Terrorism

The BBC, the “War on Terror” and the discursive construction of terrorism: representing al-Qaeda

Crossroads: Counter-terrorism and the Internet (February 2019)

Ostracism promotes a terroristic mindset

Who wants to talk to terrorists

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Terrorism Research 테러 연구

Terrorism Research 테러 연구
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