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Minimal interplay between explicit knowledge, dynamics of learning and temporal expectations in different, complex uni- and multisensory contexts

Prestimulus inhibition of eye movements reflects temporal expectation rather than time estimation.

Neural correlates of speech and limb motor timing deficits revealed by aberrant beta band desynchronization in Parkinson’s disease

Action-based predictions affect visual perception, neural processing, and pupil size, regardless of temporal predictability

Centromedial amygdala is more relevant for phobic confrontation relative to the bed nucleus of stria terminalis in patients with spider phobia.

Pathological attenuation of the right prefrontal cortex activity predicts speech and limb motor timing disorder in Parkinson’s disease

Automatic and feature-specific (anticipatory) prediction-related neural activity in the human auditory system

Behavioral and neural correlates of normal aging effects on motor preparatory mechanisms of speech production and limb movement

Visitation patterns of camouflage groupers Epinephelus polyphekadion at a spawning aggregation in Fakarava inferred by acoustic telemetry

Oxytocin receptors in the dorsolateral bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BNST) bias fear learning toward temporally predictable cued fear

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Temporally Predictable 일시적으로 예측 가능

Temporally Predictable 일시적으로 예측 가능
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