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Peak Temperature Mitigation of a Multimicrochannel Evaporator Under Transient Heat Loads

Heat transfer and instability characteristics of a loop thermosyphon with wide range of filling ratios

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A Multi-Dwell Temperature Profile Design for the Cure of Thick CFRP Composite Laminates

Multi-objective approach to optimize cure process for thick composite based on multi-field coupled model with RBF surrogate model

Performance Improvement of Thermoelectric Air Cooler System by Using Variable-Pulse Current for Building Applications

Costs of avoiding net negative emissions under a carbon budget

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Startup regimes of minichannel evaporator in a mechanically pumped fluid loop

Cost-effective implementation of the Paris Agreement using flexible greenhouse gas metrics

Legacy effects of climate overshoot scenarios in permafrost-affected regions

Temperature Monitoring and Temperature-driven irrigated Radiofrequency Energy Titration do not prevent thermally-induced Esophageal Lesions in Pulmonary Vein Isolation A randomized study controlled by esophagoscopy before and after catheter ablation.

Experimental Study on the Dynamic Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Mechanically Pumped Two-phase Cooling Loop

Exhaust temperature control for safe and efficient thermal regeneration of diesel particulate filter

Transient Cooling and Heating Effects in Holey Silicon-Based Lateral Thermoelectric Devices for Hot Spot Thermal Management

Development of Energy Saving and Rapid Temperature Control Technology for Intelligent Greenhouses

Temperature and Voltage Dynamic Control of PEMFC Stack Using MPC Method

Achieving Better Super-cooling in a Two-Stage Transient Thermoelectric Device with Constraint-Free Pulse Current by Multi-Objective Optimization

Carbon dioxide removal technologies are not born equal

Cost-effective implementation of the Paris Agreement using flexible greenhouse gas metrics

Research on Control Algorithm of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Cooling System


Path Independence of Carbon Budgets When Meeting a Stringent Global Mean Temperature Target After an Overshoot

Microwave synthesis of zeolites from waste glass cullet using indirect fusion and direct hydrothermal methods: A comparative study

Variation in oscillating heat pipe performance

Neural-fuzzy optimization of thick composites curing process

Spin-valley coupled caloritronics with strained honeycomb lattices

Extreme precipitation over East Asia under 1.5 °C and 2 °C global warming targets: a comparison of stabilized and overshoot projections

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Temperature Overshoot 온도 오버슈트

Temperature Overshoot 온도 오버슈트
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