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Using behavioural theory to understand adherence to behaviours that reduce transmission of COVID‐19; evidence from the CHARIS representative national study

The role of alcohol use and cigarette smoking in sickness absence: Are there social inequalities?

Telephone Surveys sentence examples within Completed Telephone Surveys

Social support and healthcare utilization of caregivers of Latinas with breast cancer

A Pilot Study of a Chronic Pain Self-Management Program Delivered by Community Health Workers to Underserved African American Older Adults.

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Heat-Health Behavior Change During Summer 2020 in African American Alabama Residents.

Policy and Practice Barriers to Early Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the California Early Intervention System

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Evolution of the emotional impact in patients with early Inflammatory Bowel Disease during and after Covid-19 lockdown.

P143 Depression and anxiety symptoms among patients with early inflammatory bowel disease during and after COVID-19 lockdown

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Sociodemographic and behavioral correlates of insufficient sleep in Australian adults

Obesity stigma in Germany and the United States – Results of population surveys

Telephone Surveys sentence examples within Method Telephone Surveys

How VA Whole Health Coaching Can Impact Veterans’ Health and Quality of Life: A Mixed-Methods Pilot Program Evaluation

Caregiving and Place: Combining Geographic Information System (GIS) and Survey Methods to Examine Neighborhood Context and Caregiver Outcomes

Telephone Surveys sentence examples within Five Telephone Surveys

Telephone consultations to manage paediatric outpatient clinics during the COVID-19 pandemic: a service evaluation

Two Web-Based and Theory-Based Interventions With and Without Brief Motivational Interviewing in the Promotion of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Among Chinese Men Who Have Sex With Men: Randomized Controlled Trial

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Effects of a Knowledge-Translation Intervention on Early Dialysis Initiation: A Cluster Randomized Trial.

Long-term effects of a job search intervention for transition-age youth with visual impairments

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Short-term and Potentially Long-term Negative Impacts of COVID-19 in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from the Africa Research, Implementation Science, and Education Network Rapid Monitoring Survey

Design and Field Methods of the ARISE Network COVID-19 Rapid Monitoring Survey

Telephone Surveys sentence examples within telephone surveys conducted

Acceptability, usefulness, and satisfaction with a web-based video-tailored physical activity intervention: The TaylorActive randomized controlled trial: Acceptability, usefulness and satisfaction with the TaylorActive randomised controlled trial.

Changes in mental well-being in Hong Kong before and during social unrest and COVID-19

Telephone Surveys sentence examples within telephone surveys collected

Self-Reported Health Status Improved For Racial And Ethnic Minority Groups After Michigan Medicaid Expansion.

Validity and Psychometric Properties of the Internet Gaming Disorder Scale in Three Large Independent Samples of Children and Adolescents

Telephone Surveys sentence examples within telephone surveys among

Protective Behaviors and Secondary Harms Resulting From Nonpharmaceutical Interventions During the COVID-19 Epidemic in South Africa: Multisite, Prospective Longitudinal Study

Are Classroom Thermal Conditions, Lighting and Acoustics Related to Teacher Health Symptoms?

Evaluation of a voucher scheme to increase child physical activity in participants of a school physical activity trial in the Hunter region of Australia

Confirming the continued representativeness of an online/telephone panel using equivalence testing

Predicting individual shelter dog behaviour after adoption using longitudinal behavioural assessment: a hierarchical Bayesian approach

The time it takes to reveal embarrassing information in a mobile phone survey

Price Decomposition of Laser Treatment for Port-Wine Stain Using the Hedonic Pricing Model

Knowledge of mental health symptoms and help seeking attitude in a population-based sample in Hong Kong

The Indianapolis harmspot policing experiment

Crime Costs to the Public in Hong Kong

The Weak Ring of the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Elderly (A Literature Review)

“Your Child Has Cerebral Palsy”: Parental Understanding and Misconceptions

Assessing Repeated and Rescheduled Attempts in Random Digit Dial Surveys

Comparison of Perceptions and Smoking Cessation Experiences Between Smokers With and Without Serious Mental Illness in a Large Health Maintenance Organization.

Retinal microvasculature and time to pregnancy in a multi-ethnic pre-conception cohort in Singapore.

951-P: Diabetes Management Delivery and Pregnancy Outcomes in Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus during the First Wave of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic: A Single Reference Centre Report

The Role of Gold Weight Implants in the Management of Paralytic Lagophthalmos.

Different Mental Health Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Latent Class Trajectory Analysis Using Longitudinal UK Data

Long-term effects of laparoscopic lateral pelvic lymph node dissection on urinary retention in rectal cancer

Charcoal producers and the pandemic: effects of COVID-19 in Pokot Central, Kenya

Evaluation of a geriatrics primary care model using prospective matching to guide enrollment

Development of a Simplified Patient-Centered Pelvic Floor Surgery Complication Scale.

Public Knowledge of Mental Health Symptoms and Help Seeking Attitude in a Population-based Sample in Hong Kong

Consuming Information Related to COVID-19 on Social Media Among Older Adults and Its Association With Anxiety, Social Trust in Information, and COVID-Safe Behaviors: Cross-sectional Telephone Survey

Influenza vaccination in Austria: Persistent resistance and ignorance to influenza prevention and control.

Age is a risk factor for contralateral tendon rupture in patients with acute Achilles tendon rupture

Effects of Shared Decision Making on Opioid Prescribing After Hysterectomy.

Analyzing the Economic Sustainability of Tourism Development: Evidence from Hong Kong

Health Care Provider Compliance with the HIPAA Right of Individual Access: A Scorecard and Survey

Effect of alcohol skin cleansing on vaccination-associated infections and local skin reactions: a randomized controlled trial

Nutrition risk among an ethnically diverse sample of community-dwelling older adults

Conditional cash transfers to retain rural Kenyan women in the continuum of care during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period: protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial

Factors influencing organizational information systems implementation in Thai public universities

Pollen food allergy syndrome to tomato in mountain cedar pollen hypersensitivity.

16B: Patient reported outcomes of the Trans‐Obturator Post‐Anal Sling (TOPAS) procedure

374) Acceptability and Effects of Using Wearable Activity Trackers for Chronic Pain Management among Older African American Adults

Geographic Inaccuracy of Cellphone Samples

Rates of neglect in a national sample: Child and family characteristics and psychological impact.

Barriers and Facilitators of Colorectal Cancer Screening in a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)

The use of electronic assistive technology for social networking by people with disability living in shared supported accommodation

Expanding Access to Home-Based Palliative Care: A Randomized Controlled Trial Protocol.

The Wellness Incentive and Navigation intervention improved health‐related quality of life among Medicaid enrollees: A randomized pragmatic clinical trial

Conducting a Survey

Reef Grief: investigating the relationship between place meanings and place change on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Considering vertebral artery stenosis in young healthy heavy smokers

Telephone surveys under different frame constructions—evaluating differences in estimates, precision, and cost

Safer vehicles and technology for older adults

Impact of age on stage-specific mortality in patients with gastric cancer: A long-term prospective cohort study

Long-term outcomes of very low birth weight infants with spontaneous intestinal perforation: A retrospective case-matched cohort study.

Business excellence for SMEs: motives, obstacles, and size-related adaptations

Calidad de respuesta y modo de administración del cuestionario

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