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Telehealth use in emergency care during coronavirus disease 2019: a systematic review

Women, clinician and IT staff perspectives on telehealth for enhanced gestational diabetes mellitus management in an Australian rural/regional setting.

Medication Safety in Older Adults: Learning From 2020 as We Launch into 2021.

Mobile-Assisted Virtual Bonding Enables Breast Milk Supply in Critically Ill Mothers With COVID-19: A Reflection on the Feasibility of Telelactation

Experiences of Australian primary healthcare nurses in using telehealth during COVID-19: a qualitative study

A collaborative approach to meeting oncology challenges in island communities in the Asia‐Pacific region

Evaluating a telehealth intervention for urinalysis monitoring in children with neurogenic bladder

Realizing the potential of telemedicine in global health

“The Closer, the Better:” The Role of Telehealth in Increasing Contraceptive Access Among Women in Rural South Carolina

Planning Telehealth for Older Adults With Atrial Fibrillation in Rural Communities: Understanding Stakeholder Perspectives

Some Multidimensional Unintended Consequences of Telehealth Utilization: A Multi-Project Evaluation Synthesis

A systematic review of psychological interventions for patients with head and neck cancer

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Telehealth Initiative 원격 의료 이니셔티브

Telehealth Initiative 원격 의료 이니셔티브
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