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Design & Modeling of Input Output Functionalities of FPGA based IO Block

Design & Modeling of Input Output Functionalities of FPGA based IO Block

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Explaining daily total energy demand in British housing using linked smart meter and socio-technical data in a bottom-up statistical model

MLP-based 3D Geotechnical Layer Mapping Using Borehole Database in Seoul, South Korea

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Design & Modeling of Input Output Functionalities of FPGA based IO Block

Design & Modeling of Input Output Functionalities of FPGA based IO Block

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Assessment of landslides in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia: A Geoscientists without Borders project

Geotechnical Investigation for the Groundwater Damage Analysis of the Shahe Ancient Bridge Site in Xi’an, China

Active Learning for Network Traffic Classification: A Technical Survey

Development of approaches to technical inspection of is “green” buildings

Neotectonic Landform Development and Associated Mass Movements along Eastern Ramganga Valley in the Kumaun Himalaya, India

A geotechnical stratigraphy for the shallow subsurface in the Southern Central Graben, North Sea

Track bed design and evaluation methods

Investigation and analysis of groundwater-derived damage to the Shahe ancient bridge site in Xi’an, China

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Assessment of conservatism of assumptions on the population exposure conditions applied for establishing the permissible atmospheric release levels

PERL: A multilevel strategy for liquefaction hazard assessment in complex stratigraphic successions

Urban sidewalks, dysfunction and chaos on the projected floor. The search for accessible pavements and sustainable mobility

Comprehensive Survey of the Silt Reservoir Structures Technical Condition

Construction-Technical Survey of a Historical Building in Loket

Counting, Classifying and Tracking Vehicles Routes at Road Intersections with YOLOv4 and DeepSORT

Estimation of Pressuremeter Modulus and Limit Pressure in Weathered Granite Based on the SPT-N Value and Chemical Weathering Index: A Case Study in South Korea

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An optical fiber-based monitoring system to study the seepage flow below the landside toe of a river levee

Methods for sampling discontinuity traces on rock mass 3D models: state of the art

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The Influence of Product and Facade Design towards Consumer Preferences

Sanitation inspection of household fecal containment in Bekasi, Indonesia

A new levee control system based on geotechnical and geophysical surveys including active thermal sensing: A case study from Poland

Research on Geotechnical Investigation and Construction Technology of Construction Engineering

Optimisation of geotechnical surveys using a BIM-based geostatistical analysis

Estimating Deformation Modulus and Bearing Capacity of Deep Soils from Dynamic Penetration Test

Percutaneous osteoplasty for painful bony lesions: a technical survey

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Preliminary Construction-Technical Survey of the Underpass at Hlučínská Street in Ostrava - Přívoz

Predictive Analysis of Landmine Risk

Security Assertion of IoT Devices Using Cloud of Things Perception

Environmental Recovery and Social and Urban Rehabilitation. Characterization and decision factors for Revitalization works of the Mindu stream.

Optimized Foundation Design in Geotechnical Engineering

Development of the TIRAMISU Advanced Intelligence Decision Support System

Landslide Prevention Costs in Road Construction Projects: A Case Study of Diezma Landslide (Granada, Spain)

Seismic Noise-Based Strategies for Emphasizing Recent Tectonic Activity and Local Site Effects: The Ferrara Arc, Northern Italy, Case Study

The Collapse and Restoration of the Church of Saint Mary of Itria in Piazza Armerina (Sicily, Italy)

Determination of Shear-Wave Velocity to 30 m Depth from Refraction Microtremor Arrays (Remi-Test). Applied in Some Greek-Roman Archaeological Sites in Alexandria, Egypt

Fluorescence-Based Sensors and Preconcentration Techniques for Buried Explosives Detection


Practical Considerations in Particle and Object Tracking and Analysis

The wooden foundations of Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto) in Venice: Technological characterisation and dating

Recycling of end of life photovoltaic panels: A chemical prospective on process development

Indigenous Chicken production in Niger

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Investigation of buckled truss bars of a space truss roof system

Application of passive multichannel analysis of surface waves method at sites close to underground railways - Problems and a case study

On turbulence and geometry: from Nash to Onsager

Joint analysis of Rayleigh-wave dispersion curves and diffuse-field HVSR for site characterization: The case of El Ejido town (SE Spain)

Numerical modeling of seismic site effects in a shallow estuarine bay (Suai Bay, Shantou, China)

Performances Zootechniques des Elevages de Dindon Local (Meleagris Gallopavo) dans la Commune de Ouaké au Nord-Ouest du Bénin

Determination of carbonation degree of existing reinforced concrete structures and their restoration

Modelling Bedrock Topography

Technologies Catalog to Support the Identification of User Behavior During Usability Tests

Integration Between Physiographic Compartmentation and Geomechanical Characterization of Rock Masses Applied to Landslide Susceptibility at the Rio-Santos Highway (BR-101) in São Sebastião (SP)—Brazil

Multispectral Multibeam Echo Sounder Backscatter as a Tool for Improved Seafloor Characterization

Dental Image Matching: A Technical Survey and Potential Challenges

Anaphoric Connectives and Long-Distance Discourse Relations in Czech

Difference Comparison of SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Solutions Based on Cloud ERP Systems: A Review

Micro Air Vehicle Link (MAVlink) in a Nutshell: A Survey

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Technical Survey 기술 조사

Technical Survey 기술 조사
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