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Technical Improvement sentence examples within magnetic resonance imaging

Feasibility of imaging in nuclear magnetic resonance force microscopy using Boltzmann polarization

Imaging strategies in the management of gastric cancer: current role and future potential of MRI.

Technical Improvement sentence examples within Several Technical Improvement

[Transcatheter aortic valve implantation and conduction disturbances].

Low-distortion diffusion tensor MRI with improved phaseless encoding.

Technical Improvement sentence examples within Future Technical Improvement

Impacts of the murine skull on high-frequency transcranial photoacoustic brain imaging.

Effectiveness evaluation of computer-aided diagnosis system for the diagnosis of thyroid nodules on ultrasound

Technical Improvement sentence examples within Significant Technical Improvement

The Potential of Different Origin Stem Cells in Modulating Oral Bone Regeneration Processes

Benchmark calculations of pure neutron matter with realistic nucleon-nucleon interactions

Technical Improvement sentence examples within Continuou Technical Improvement

Pathways to Industrial-Scale Fuel Out of Thin Air from CO2 Electrolysis

Vitamin E-blended versus conventional polyethylene liners in prostheses

Technical Improvement sentence examples within New Technical Improvement

Ultrasound-Guided DREZotomy: Technical Note

High-performance capillary electrophoresis for food quality evaluation

Technical Improvement sentence examples within Despite Technical Improvement

[Modified Lemaire Procedure: Indication, procedure, and clinical results].

Analyzing data independent acquisition mass spectrometry with noiseless ion-networks

Technical Improvement sentence examples within Variou Technical Improvement

Nanoresolution real-time 3D orbital tracking for studying mitochondrial trafficking in vertebrate axons in vivo

Defining Why the Re-excision Rate Dropped

Technical Improvement sentence examples within Recent Technical Improvement

Pulmonary embolism during pregnancy: a 17-year single-center retrospective MDCT pulmonary angiography study

CellFishing.jl: an ultrafast and scalable cell search method for single-cell RNA sequencing

Technical Improvement sentence examples within Ongoing Technical Improvement

Unobtrusive Vital Data Recognition by Robots to Enhance Natural Human–Robot Communication

Electron Microscopy Methods for Virus Diagnosis and High Resolution Analysis of Viruses

Technical Improvement sentence examples within Main Technical Improvement

Solar observations at the Coimbra Astronomical Observatory

Neues aus der Industrie

Technical Improvement sentence examples within Require Technical Improvement

Solutions for increasing the quality of hydro-technical building elements obtained by numerical simulation

Classification of Heart Sounds Based on the Wavelet Fractal and Twin Support Vector Machine

Technical Improvement sentence examples within Pure Technical Improvement

The Intelligent ENT Operating Room of the Future.

Der intelligente HNO-Operationssaal der Zukunft*

Technical Improvement sentence examples within Important Technical Improvement

High Sensitivity Measurement of Transcription Factor-DNA Binding Affinities by Competitive Titration Using Fluorescence Microscopy.

Advances of Area-Wise Distributed Monitoring Using Long Gauge Sensing Techniques

Bariatric surgery is a cost‐saving treatment for obesity—A comprehensive meta‐analysis and updated systematic review of health economic evaluations of bariatric surgery

Automated Inference of Gene Regulatory Networks Using Explicit Regulatory Modules.

mRNA-Based Genetic Reprogramming.

Morphometrical evaluation of decompression obtained through corpectomy. Heading towards to posterior approaches.

Design and Operational Innovations in Adapting the Existing Merchant River Fleet to Cost-Effective Shipping

Радиоэмболизация печени: новая глава в отечественной онкологии

Further percutaneous dilation of a Melody® valve in the mitral position to accommodate somatic growth in a small child: lessons learned.

Machine Learning predictive model of grapevine yield based on agroclimatic patterns

Optimization of Conditions for Observation of Targets in Multi-Parameter Meteorological Radar


Speeding up the unique assets of atomic layer deposition

Increasing cellular lifespan with a flow system in organotypic culture of the Laterodorsal Tegmentum (LDT)

The subcutaneous implantable cardioverter defibrillator in 2019 and beyond.

X-ray exposure in odontoid screwing for Anderson type II fracture: comparison between O-arm and C-arm-assisted procedures

Object Detection for Autonomous Driving

Consecutive Versus Selective Primary and Revisional Single Incision Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery: Personal Experience in 330 Cases

Sentinel lymph node biopsy for melanoma of the head and neck: a multicentre study to examine safety, efficacy, and prognostic value.

Microinjection methods for sea urchin eggs and blastomeres.

Two-Layer Routing for High-Voltage Powerline Inspection by Cooperated Ground Vehicle and Drone

Oral Presentations

Reflections of Aesthetic Culture Composed by Cultural Memory on the Urban Space

Hybrid Nano-GdF3 contrast media allows pre-clinical in vivo element-specific K-edge imaging and quantification

The Smart City as Global Discourse: Storylines and Critical Junctures across 27 Cities

Prevalance of Musculoskeletal Pain Among Judo Players

Multimodality Imaging, Diagnostic Challenges and Proposed Diagnostic Algorithm for Noncompaction Cardiomyopathy

How to predict and achieve success with a very long procedure in an endoscopy unit: Is it time for a break?

Loop‐mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) for the identification of invasive Aedes mosquito species

Modelling Carbon Emissions Efficiency from UK Higher Education Institutions Using Data Envelopment Analysis

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The Early Outcome of Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery for Dialysis Patients

Archaeological landscape and heritage. Innovative knowledge-based dissemination and development strategies in the “Distretto Culturale Evoluto Flaminia NextOne”

Assessing the Microcirculation With Handheld Vital Microscopy in Critically Ill Neonates and Children: Evolution of the Technique and Its Potential for Critical Care

Evolución morfométrica de descompresión obtenida tras corpectomía. Dirigiéndonos hacia abordajes posteriores

Intracranial 3D and 4D MR Angiography Using Arterial Spin Labeling: Technical Considerations.

Divide and Conquer: Stratifying Training Data by Tumor Grade Improves Deep Learning-Based Brain Tumor Segmentation

Rats’ Choice in a Coordination Task

Echocardiography in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement.

Hydrogen and Methane Production in Bioelectrochemical System:: Biocathode Structure and Material Upgrading

A stepwise learning curve to define the standard for technical improvement in laparoscopic liver resections: complexity-based analysis in 1032 procedures

Adversarial Samples on Android Malware Detection Systems for IoT Systems

Transit system resilience: Quantifying the impacts of disruptions on diverse populations

On-site renewable electricity production and self consumption for manufacturing industry in Ireland: Sensitivity to techno-economic conditions

Advanced magnetic resonance imaging techniques for tumors of the head and neck.


Surface modification and selective flotation of waste plastics for effective recycling——a review

Near‐Infrared Manipulation of Membrane Ion Channels via Upconversion Optogenetics

GANai: Standardizing CT Images using Generative Adversarial Network with Alternative Improvement

Pediatric Medulloblastoma: A Radiation Oncologist Perspective

Devops and Modern Software Delivery

Tissue Engineering and Orthopedic Microsurgery

Single Particle CryoEM: Potential for Further Improvement

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Technical Improvement 기술 개선

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