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The impact of psychological capital on vocational well-being: The mediation effect of emotional labor and its invariance across ethnicities

Middle School Teachers’ Views about High-Stakes Tests

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An Evaluation of School Principals ’ Instructional Leadership Behaviours from the Perspective of Teachers

Collaborative Learning and Learner Autonomy: Beliefs, Practices and Prospects in Pakistani Engineering Universities

Teacher Work Productivity in Senior High School

Impact of Occupational Stress and Burnout on Turnover Intentions among Senior High School Teachers in the Cape Coast Metropolis, Ghana

Smart classroom environments affect teacher-student interaction: Evidence from a behavioural sequence analysis

Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIEd): a high-level academic and industry note 2021

ncentive Effects Analysis on Primary and Secondary Teacher Incentive Policies in China

Patterns of Teachers’ Occupational Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Relations to Experiences of Exhaustion, Recovery, and Interactional Styles of Teaching

Theoretical foundations and practice-oriented technologies for the development of professional competence of music teachers in the in-service training system

The Rhetoric of Teacher Evaluation: New York City Teachers’ Responses to Performance Labels

Educational Practices for Immigrant Children in Elementary Schools in Russia

A multidimensional adapted process model of teaching

The Association of Job and Family Resources and Demands with Life Satisfaction through Work–Family Balance: A Longitudinal Study among Italian Schoolteachers during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Automatic Correction Service System for English Composition based on Big Data

“It does not Mean that They Cannot Do Mathematics”: Beliefs about Mathematics Learning Difficulties

Teacher Quality and Teacher Education: A Critical Policy Analysis of International and Australian Policies.

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Implementing outcome-based education and student-centered learning in Afghan public universities: the current practices and challenges

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Nordic research on special needs education in upper secondary vocational education and training: A review

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Teacher-Facilitators’ Job-Crafting: Making Meaning and Relevance in Authentic Learning Environments

Scheming and Re-scheming: Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Use and Re-use of Resources

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Human computation for learning and teaching or collaborative tracking of learners’ misconceptions

Enhancing Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) Through Computer Assisted Repeated Reading (CARR)

Physics Teaching in Croatian Elementary and High Schools during the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Johnson, S.M. (2019). where teachers thrive: Organizing schools for success, Harvard Education Press. 296 pp. $34.00. ISBN-13: 978-1-68253-358-1

Comparing sources of stress for state and private school teachers in England

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British teachers’ declining job quality: evidence from the Skills and Employment Survey

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Enseñar español en primaria: análisis desde el interaccionismo sociodiscursivo

Autonomy Orientations of English Language Teachers in Turkey

English Trainee Teachers’ Perspective on Soft Skills Development in Ukraine

Unveiling the Scoring Validity of Two Chinese Automated Writing Evaluation Systems: A Quantitative Study

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The integration of faith, culture and life in Catholic schools: keys to understanding and pedagogical orientations

An Analysis on the Implementation of Professional Learning Communities in Malaysian Secondary Schools

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Tensions as an entry point to politics in education

Conceptual Model of Teachers’ Work Engagement: A Literature Review [Model Konseptual Keterikatan Kerja Guru: Reviu Literatur]

Teachers’ perceived societal appreciation: PISA outcomes predict whether teachers feel valued in society

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Moodle LMS: Positive and Negative Aspects of Using Distance Education in Higher Education Institutions

Continuing Efforts to Improve Irish Primary School Education

Klimaaktivisme – for en kritisk pædagogik i skolen

Perceptions of classroom quality and well-being among Black women teachers of young children

Presenting School Learning Findings

Crowdsourcing in Computer Science Education

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Secondary school teachers psychological status and competencies in e-teaching during Covid-19

Working the Third Space: Reformulating Practice in the Transition from Classroom Teacher to Teacher Educator

Early Childhood Teachers’ Self-efficacy and Professional Support Predict Work Engagement

Teachers’ quality of work-life in the regions of Latvia

Scenkonst eller gatuteater? Lärares arbete i relation till struktur, organisering och yrkesgränsernas utsträckning

Profesionales híbridos: nuevas configuraciones del profesionalismo docente en el contexto político neoliberal

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The Current Situation of Medical Information Retrieval Teaching under the Background of MOOC

Work Pressures Stemming From School Authorities and Burnout Among Physical Education Teachers: The Mediating Role of Psychological Needs Thwarting

Correlation Between Motivation and Work Environment to Primary School Teachers’ Work Commitment

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