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Factors influencing university teachers’ use of a mobile technology-enhanced teaching (MTT) platform

Examining Teachers’ Behavioral Intention to Use E-learning in Teaching of Mathematics: An Extended TAM Model

Development of a Learning Environment to Enhance Preservice Physics Teachers’ Diagnostic Competence in Terms of Students’ Conceptions


Improving K-12 Teachers’ Acceptance of Open Educational Resources by Open Educational Practices: A Mixed Methods Inquiry

Understanding ESL Teachers’ Agency in Their Early Years of Professional Development: A Three-Layered Triadic Reciprocity Framework

What is the Nature And Extent of the Influence of Educational Leadership on Staff Morale, Job Satisfaction, and Motivation?

Habit, hedonic motivation, performance expectancy and technological pedagogical knowledge affect teachers’ intention to use mobile internet

What Facilitates Kindergarten Teachers’ Intentions to Implement Play-Based Learning?

Drivers of teachers’ intentions to use mobile applications to teach science

COVID-19 and the pre-existing language teacher supply crisis

Teacher’s intention to use online learning; an extended technology acceptance model (TAM) investigation

Preschool Teachers’ Technology Acceptance During the COVID-19: An Adapted Technology Acceptance Model

Towards an understanding of teacher attrition: A meta-analysis of burnout, job satisfaction, and teachers’ intentions to quit

Theoretical and practical, but rarely integrated: Norwegian primary school teachers’ intentions and practices of teaching outside the classroom

Examining technology acceptance of pre-service mathematics teachers in Turkey: A structural equation modeling approach

Middle Years Teachers’ Critical Literacy Practices as Cornerstones of Their Culturally Relevant Pedagogies

The Effect of Social Capital Dimensions on the Knowledge-Sharing Intention of Physical Education Teachers

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Learning: An Examination Using an Extended Technology Acceptance Model

Development of TVET Teachers’ Beliefs about Technology Enriched Instruction through Professional Development Workshops: Application of the Technology Acceptance Model

Teacher Perceptions of Skills, Knowledge, and Resources Needed to Promote Social and Emotional Learning in Rural Classrooms

Determining Pre-Service Teachers’ Intention of Using Technology for Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL)

Chinese K-12 Teachers’ Acceptance of Augmented Reality based on Technology Acceptance Model

A systematic review on factors influencing teachers’ intentions and implementations regarding formative assessment

Intentions of public school teachers in British Columbia, Canada to receive a COVID-19 vaccine

Towards Compassionate Care: A Critical Race Analysis of Teaching in Township Schools.

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Teachers Intention 교사 의도

Teachers Intention 교사 의도
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