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TB or not TB? Challenges in diagnosing and treating maternal and neonatal tuberculosis.

Meet the patients where they are: A greater ambition for private provider engagement for TB

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70 years of TB Prevention: Efficacy, Effectiveness, Toxicity, Durability and Duration.

Predicting Tuberculosis Treatment Relapse: A Decision Tree Analysis of J48 for Data Mining

Homelessness and HIV: A Combination Predictive of Poor Tuberculosis Treatment Outcomes and in Need of Innovative Strategies to Improve Treatment Completion.

Food for Thought: The Role of Undernutrition and Diabetes in India’s TB Epidemic

Gatifloxacin is superior to levofloxacin and moxifloxacin in shorter treatment regimens for multidrug-resistant TB.

Strengthen Village Malaria Reporting to Better Target Reservoirs of Persistent Infections in Southeast Asia

Treatment of latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection with 12 once weekly directly-observed doses of isoniazid and rifapentine among persons experiencing homelessness

Development and validation of a risk score to predict mortality during TB treatment in patients with TB-diabetes comorbidity

Impact of an innovative tuberculosis financing and payment model on health service utilization by tuberculosis patients in China: do the poor fare better than the rich?

1368. Tuberculosis in Older Patients in Cali, Colombia (2011–2016): A Hospital-Based Cohort Study

Quality of TB care among people living with HIV: Gaps and solutions

Improving indicators of tuberculosis program cascades by leveraging HIV program strategies.

Stock-outs of antiretroviral and tuberculosis medicines in South Africa: A national cross-sectional survey

Data quality of drug-resistant tuberculosis and antiretroviral therapy electronic registers in South Africa

Ending TB in Australia: Organizational challenges for regional tuberculosis programs.

Creating Model Stop the Bleed Training Programs at Three Distinct Institutions

Wirelessly observed therapy compared to directly observed therapy to confirm and support tuberculosis treatment adherence: A randomized controlled trial

The Challenges of Transition From Donor-Funded Programs: Results From a Theory-Driven Multi-Country Comparative Case Study of Programs in Eastern Europe and Central Asia Supported by the Global Fund

More Than Malnutrition: A Review of the Relationship Between Food Insecurity and Tuberculosis


Using artificial intelligence to read chest radiographs for tuberculosis detection: A multi-site evaluation of the diagnostic accuracy of three deep learning systems

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Tb Programs 결핵 프로그램

Tb Programs 결핵 프로그램
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