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Mitochondrion‐Targeting Identification of a Fluorescent Apoptosis‐Triggering Molecule by Mass Spectrometry Elucidates Drug Tracking

Advances in Sphingolipidoses: CRISPR-Cas9 Editing as an Option for Modelling and Therapy

Addition of free poloxamer 407 to a new gene vector P407-PEI-K12 solution forms a sustained-release in situ hypergel that enhances cell transfection and extends gene expression

PD-L1 monoclonal antibody-conjugated nanoparticles enhance drug delivery level and chemotherapy efficacy in gastric cancer cells

Ultrasound-activated particles as CRISPR/Cas9 delivery system for androgenic alopecia therapy.

The Optimization Design Of Lactoferrin Loaded HupA Nanoemulsion For Targeted Drug Transport Via Intranasal Route

Combined Modality Therapy Based on Hybrid Gold Nanostars Coated with Temperature Sensitive Liposomes to Overcome Paclitaxel-Resistance in Hepatic Carcinoma

Drug-free mannosylated liposomes inhibit tumor growth by promoting the polarization of tumor-associated macrophages

Recent Advances in Strategies and Tools for Efficient Drug Discovery and Delivery.

Resveratrol suppresses colon cancer growth by targeting the AKT/STAT3 signaling pathway.

Bridge Helix of Cas9 Modulates Target DNA Cleavage and Mismatch Tolerance.

Hypoxia-induced miR-210 contributes to apoptosis of mouse spermatocyte GC-2 cells by targeting Kruppel-like factor 7

Correction of Off-Targeting in CRISPR Screens Uncovers Genetic Dependencies in Melanoma Cells

Cotargeting Plk1 and androgen receptor enhances the therapeutic sensitivity of paclitaxel-resistant prostate cancer

Liposomal Formulations In Cancer Therapy: Passive Versus Active Targeting

Synthesis and engineering of mesoporous [email protected] heterostructure as a pH-sensitive nano-photosensitizer for chemo-photodynamic therapy of malignant tumor cells

ER intrabody mediated protein knockdown in zebrafish

CRISPR-mediated activation of a promoter or enhancer rescues obesity caused by haploinsufficiency

Targeting off-target effects: endoplasmic reticulum stress and autophagy as effective strategies to enhance temozolomide treatment

Recognition Sites for Cancer-Targeting Durg Delivery Systems.

Bystander effects of ionizing radiation: conditioned media from X-ray irradiated MCF-7 cells increases the angiogenic ability of endothelial cells

Inhibition of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor by AZD4547 Protects Against Inflammation in Septic Mice

Targeted Delivery of Plasminogen Activators for Thrombolytic Therapy: An Integrative Evaluation

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Targeting Effects 타겟팅 효과

Targeting Effects 타겟팅 효과
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