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Phononic crystal locally-resonant cavity for sensing metallic oxides nano-powders

Feasibility of classification of the materials through Laser-Induced Underwater Acoustic Signatures

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Investigation of the stray neutron fields produced from proton irradiated Ta, Co-59, Ni, Fe, Inconel X750 and stainless steel 310 targets in a materials testing laboratory environment.

Direct measurement of thrust induced by a magnetron sputtering source

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Porous TaCx ISOL target materials from mould-casted Ta4AlC3

Perovskite-Like Quantum Dots Designed for Advanced Optoelectronic Applications

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CERN-MEDICIS: A Review Since Commissioning in 2017

Production of Sm-153 With Very High Specific Activity for Targeted Radionuclide Therapy

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Space object material identification method of hyperspectral imaging based on Tucker decomposition

WiMi: Target Material Identification with Commodity Wi-Fi Devices

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Enhanced Electrochemical Performance of the Fe-Based Layered Perovskite Oxygen Electrode for Reversible Solid Oxide Cells.

In Situ Formation of Boron and Carbon Co-Doped α-MoO3 Single Crystal as Cathode Materials for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries

Deposition of 3YSZ-TiC PVD Coatings with High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS)

A systematic study of β-type Ti-based PVD coatings on magnesium for biomedical application

RIFM fragrance ingredient safety assessment, hexadeca-1,5-lactone, CAS Registry Number 7370-44-7.

Simple estimation method for strain rate sensitivity based on the difference between the indentation sizes formed by spherical-shaped impactors

Multiscale modelling for fusion and fission materials: the M4F project

An autonomous bioluminescent bacterial biosensor module for outdoor sensor networks, and its application for the detection of buried explosives.

Features of Metal Destruction under Pulsed Laser and Beam-Plasma Exposure

Solid dispersion melt crystallization (SDMC) concept using binary eutectic system for improvement of dissolution rate

Depositing a Titanium Coating on the Lithium Neutron Production Target by Magnetron Sputtering Technology

Derivation of an improved semi-empirical expression for the re-ionisation background in low energy ion scattering spectra

Silicon–calcium phosphate composite nanoparticles synthesized by laser ablation of a thermally oxidized porous silicon/hydroxyapatite composite

Fabrication of self supporting 64Zn targets for fusion-evaporation studies

The first microseconds of a hypervelocity impact

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Sthe Study on Twin Structure by Gaussian Laser Ablation of Copper

Terbium Medical Radioisotope Production: Laser Resonance Ionization Scheme Development


Automated Detection of Bleeding in Capsule Endoscopy Using On-Chip Multispectral Imaging Sensors

Cylindro-Conical Mild Steel Projectile Impact on E-Glass Fiber Reinforced Laminated Composite Plate Including Delamination Analysis

Suevites and Tagamites of Zhamanshin Astrobleme: Distribution in the Crater and Petrographic Features

Multifunctional aggregates for precise cellular analysis

Predator–Prey Interactions Examined Using Lionfish Spine Puncture Performance

High-efficiency nano polishing of steel materials

Zinc oxide on Polymethyl Methacrylate prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition in Artistic and Aesthetic application

The muX project

Study on strengthening effects of Zr-Ti-Nb-O alloys via high throughput powder metallurgy and data-driven machine learning

New generation TruMicro series 2000: micromachining versatility by GHz-burst, higher average power, flexible pulse on demand and integrated hollow-core fiber interface

Pendulum-based measurements reveal impact dynamics at the scale of a trap-jaw ant

Novel binder-free carbon anode for high capacity Li-ion batteries

Tuning the particle size, natural ferromagnetic resonance frequency and magnetic properties of ε-Fe2O3 nanoparticles prepared by a rapid sol–gel method

Characterization of plasma reflectivity response of optical glasses processed by 34 fs pulses: analysis in the context of ablation parameters

Measurement of nuclear spin relaxation time in lanthanum aluminate for development of polarized lanthanum target

$${\bar{\nu }}_{\mu }$$ induced quasielastic production of hyperons leading to pions

Spectroscopy as diagnostic tool to investigate the HEL-material interaction

Phononic crystal locally-resonant cavity for sensing metallic oxides nano-powders

ADS design concept for disposing of the U.S. spent nuclear fuel inventory

Tuning the electro-optical properties of nanowire networks.

Predictions for gamma-rays from clouds associated with supernova remnant PeVatrons

Formation of formaldehyde through methanol-ice-mantle (CH3OH)10 bombardment by OH+ cation

CUORE opens the door to tonne-scale cryogenics experiments

Solid state catalytic tritiation of deuterated polybutadiene through isotopic exchange and tritium addition

Realization of the optimal beam dilution pattern of the FCC-hh ring using beating frequencies

Optimization of the Experimental Parameters Affecting the Corrosion Behavior for Mg–Y–Zn–Mn Alloy via Response Surface Methodology

Melting and ejecta produced by high velocity microparticle impacts of steel on tin

Spectroscopic characterization of samples from different environments in a Volcano-Glacial region in Iceland: Implications for in situ planetary exploration.

Unprecedented hardness of polycrystalline diamond via laser surface engineering

Laser ablation ignition of flammable gas

The Implementation Of The Card Shift Method In PAI Learning Questions In Class V SDN 09 VII Koto Sungai Sarik Padang Pariaman

Main Applications of Cyclodextrins in the Food Industry as the Compounds of Choice to Form Host–Guest Complexes

True color 3D imaging optimization with missing spectral bands based on hyperspectral LiDAR.

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Numerical investigation into the dynamic behavior of sands

Enhancement characteristics of laser ultrasonic basin-type insulator based on carbon nanocomposites

Characterization of actinide resin for separation of 51,52gMn from bulk target material.

Concentric shell gradient index metamaterials for focusing ultrasound in bulk media.

The GAPS Instrument: A Large Area Time of Flight and High Resolution Exotic Atom Spectrometer for Cosmic Antinuclei

Improved in planta genetic transformation efficiency in bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.)

Initial tests of 26Al fluoride target matrix on MILEA AMS system

Configuration and impurity quantification of AmLi sources using radiography and gamma spectroscopy

Synthesis of no-carrier-added [188, 189, 191Pt]cisplatin from a cyclotron produced 188, 189, 191PtCl42− complex

Universal superlattice potential for 2D materials from twisted interface inside h-BN substrate

Development of Near Gold-Colored TixZr1-xN Nano Thin Films by Arc Ion Plating.

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Development of Toughened, Fine Grained, Recrystallized W-1.1%TiC

Development of PCPDTBT thin film based highly sensitive organic phototransistors

Robust characterization of anisotropic shear fracture strains with constant triaxiality using shape optimization of torsional twin bridge specimen

Predicting thermoelectric properties from chemical formula with explicitly identifying dopant effects

Concrete target quasi-static resistance to a penetrating projectile considering the material constitutive relationships

Investigation of the stray neutron fields produced from proton irradiated Ta, Co-59, Ni, Fe, Inconel X750 and stainless steel 310 targets in a materials testing laboratory environment.

Tribological and thermal characterization of electron beam physical vapor deposited single layer thin film for TBC application

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Advance of CSNS Solid Target

Tax Planning (Insentif Pajak) Sebagai Strategi UMKM Binaan KADIN Jawa Barat Dalam Menghadapi Dampak Covid-19

Research on Measuring Thermal Conductivity of Quartz and Sapphire Glass Using Rear-Side Photothermal Deflection Method

Impact of the experimental approach on the observed electronic energy loss for light keV ions in thin self-supporting films

Technical Note: SpekPy v2.0-a software toolkit for modelling x-ray tube spectra.

Nanotraps based on multifunctional materials for trapping and enrichment.

Puncture Resistance Properties of Natural and Synthetic Fabrics

Ryugu’s observed volatile loss did not arise from impact heating alone

Design of EAST lower divertor by considering target erosion and tungsten ion transport during the external impurity seeding

ZnO-Based Transparent Conductive Layers Obtained by the Magnetron Sputtering of a Composite Cermet ZnO:Ga–Zn Target: Part 2

Electrochemical deposition of nickel targets from aqueous electrolytes for medical radioisotope production in accelerators: a review

Modeling the laser-polymer interaction of laser propulsion systems considering progressive surface removal, thermal decomposition and non-Fourier effect

A simplified and modified model for long rod penetration based on ovoids of Rankine

Characterization and Optimization of Slurry Erosion Behavior of SS 316 at Room Temperature

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Recognition of Underground Target Material Based on Average Phase Difference and Radial Basis Function Neural Network

Initial investigation of bimetal hydroxysulfide as a new anode material for efficient sodium-ion storage

Feasibility of classification of the materials through Laser-Induced Underwater Acoustic Signatures

Strong and durable fluorine-implanted targets developed for deep underground nuclear astrophysical experiments

Impacts may provide heat for aqueous alteration and organic solid formation on asteroid parent bodies

Review on laser-induced etching processing technology for transparent hard and brittle materials

Analysis on the FLYCHK opacity of X-pinch wire materials

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Target Material 대상 재료

Target Material 대상 재료
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