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Tank Filled sentence examples within Cylindrical Tank Filled

Inverse method to describe crystallization of undercooled water in cold storage tank

Optical Imaging Provides Rapid Verification of Static Small Beams, Radiosurgery and VMAT Plans with millimeter resolution.

Tank Filled sentence examples within Storage Tank Filled

Optimization of Design Variables of a Phase Change Material Storage Tank and Comparison of a 2D Implicit vs. 2D Explicit Model

Hydrogen storage potential in MIL-101 at 200 K

Tank Filled sentence examples within Rectangular Tank Filled

Vibrations of rigid cantilevered plates in a rectangular tank filled with liquid

The response of surface buoyancy flux-driven convection to localized mechanical forcing

Tank Filled sentence examples within Water Tank Filled

Water surface displacement induced by acoustic radiation pressure of focused ultrasound acting on air-water interface

Experimental measurements of the sinking speed of sperm of an acroporid coral, Acropora tenuis, in static seawater

Tank Filled sentence examples within Fuel Tank Filled

Improving the Supply System Gas Engine to Improve Energy Efficiency

Numerical analysis on the sloshing of free oil liquid surface under the variable conditions of vehicle

Tank Filled sentence examples within Steel Tank Filled

Variability of the Electrical Signals Generated by PDs in Mineral Oil under Long-term AC Voltage

A CFD analysis for the performance assessment of a novel design of plates-in-tank latent storage unit for freezing applications

Tank Filled sentence examples within Imaging Tank Filled

Twente Photoacoustic Mammoscope 2: system overview and three-dimensional vascular network images in healthy breasts

Breast tumor appearances in photoacoustic tomography from fine 3D optical-acoustic simulations (Conference Presentation)

Tank Filled sentence examples within Circulation Tank Filled

Effect of particle size distribution on Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter backscatter for suspended sediment measurements

Effect of clay content on Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter backscatter for suspended sediment concentration measurements

Tank Filled sentence examples within Large Tank Filled

Remote sensing of marine oil slicks with hyperspectral camera and an extended database

Discontinuous solutions of the unsteady boundary-layer equations for a rotating disk of finite radius

An experimental investigation of the acquisition of Nd by authigenic phases of marine sediments

Spatial and temporal dosimetry of individual electron FLASH beam pulses using radioluminescence imaging

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Theory and experiments for seismic waves propagating within an array of clamped inclusions in a soft matrix

Fluid–structure–soil interaction effects on the free vibrations of functionally graded sandwich plates

Design development and thermal performance assessment of latent heat storage of a solar stove unit involving NEPCM

Free vibration analysis of a laminated composite sandwich plate with compressible core placed at the bottom of a tank filled with fluid

Compressibility Studies on Cochin Marine Clay Stabilized with Fly Ash and Lime Columnar Inclusions

More Tank Filled 탱크가 채워짐 sentence examples

Inactivation of Salmonella enterica, Listeria monocytogenes and murine norovirus (MNV-1) on fresh strawberries by conventional and water-assisted ultraviolet light (UV-C)

Head-to-head comparison of quantitative measurements between intravascular imaging systems: An in vitro phantom study

Development of a novel model for emptying of a self-pressurising nitrous oxide tank

Discrete Dipole Approximation-Based Microwave Tomography for Fast Breast Cancer Imaging

Optimized Zirconia 3D Printing Using Digital Light Processing with Continuous Film Supply and a Recyclable Slurry System

Pregnancy swimming prevents early brain mitochondrial dysfunction and causes sex-related long-term neuroprotection following neonatal hypoxia-ischemia in rats

More Tank Filled 탱크가 채워짐 sentence examples

Effects of dexmedetomidine on the memory and pain threshold in rats with sleep deprivation

Deep Sea Laser Scanning System for Underwater In-Situ Measurement

CFD Modelling of Biomass Mixing in Anaerobic Digesters of Biogas Plants

Logistic Regression for Machine Learning in Process Tomography

More Tank Filled 탱크가 채워짐 sentence examples

Experimental observations of the behaviour of a bubble inside a circular rigid tube

The rainbow beam experiment: direct visualization of dipole scattering and optical rotatory dispersion

Nonseismic Signals in the Ocean: Indicators of Deep Sea and Seafloor Processes on Ocean-Bottom Seismometer Data

Experimental study of machine-learning-based orbital angular momentum shift keying decoders in optical underwater channels

Effect of Electronic Cigarettes on the Inner Mucosa of the Craniofacial Region

Numerical and experimental study on wave propagation in granular media using a spectral-element method

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Vibration on the backs of mistblower operators: is it only a (dis)comfort question?

Modelling and dynamic simulation of solar heat integration into a manufacturing process in Réunion Island

Sperm Preservation: A Review on Current Methods and a Unique Approach

Performance Evaluation of a Small-Scale Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage Unit for Heating Applications Based on a Nanocomposite Organic PCM

Photo-acoustic tomography based on laser optical feedback imaging of surface displacements.

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Tank Filled 탱크가 채워짐
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