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Experimental Determination of Efficiency and Power Losses in Resistance Welding Machines

First Results on Measuring Surface Current Velocities with WERA HF Radar in MIMO Configuration at Cape Hatteras

Enhanced vortex beams resistance to turbulence with polarization modulation

Contaminants removal and bacterial activity enhancement along the flow path of constructed wetland microbial fuel cells.

Selective control of volatile fatty acids production from food waste by regulating biosystem buffering: A comprehensive study

Reduced depth stacked constructed wetlands for enhanced urban wastewater treatment

Extremum Seeking Control for Discrete-Time with Quantized and Saturated Actuators

Effect of Transit Signal Priority on Bus Service Reliability

Microbial community shifts in the oxic-settling-anoxic process in response to changes to sludge interchange ratio

Sludge footprints of municipal treatment plant for the management of net useful energy generation beyond energy neutrality

Effect of solids residence time on dynamic responses in chemical P removal.

Tipología de las tecnologías de tratamiento de aguas residuales ordinarias instaladas en Costa Rica

The Impact of Strong Electromagnetic Pulses on the Operation Process of Electronic Equipment and Systems Used in Intelligent Buildings

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Systems Operated 운영되는 시스템

Systems Operated 운영되는 시스템
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