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System Setup sentence examples within Complex System Setup

Towards Reliable UAV Swarm Communication in D2D-Enhanced Cellular Networks

New Implicit ESD Test Methodology and Simple Simulation Method for ESD Risk Evaluation

System Setup sentence examples within Different System Setup

On the Age of Information of Short-Packet Communications with Packet Management

Compressor surge based on a 1D-3D coupled method – Part 2: Surge investigation

System Setup sentence examples within Laser System Setup

An Overview on Laser Shock Peening Process: From Science to Industrial Applications

Miniaturized watt-level laser modules emitting in the yellow-green spectral range for biophotonic applications

System Setup sentence examples within Practical System Setup

Vehicular ADHOC Network Based Safety Improvement

Credit-Based Distributed Real-Time Energy Storage Sharing Management

System Setup sentence examples within Experimental System Setup

An Approach to Reduce Network Effects in an Industrial Control and Edge Computing Scenario

Vibration feature extraction via graph-modeled SVD for running stability assessment of industrial machine

System Setup sentence examples within Two System Setup

Estimation of the number of people in an indoor environment based onWiFi received signal strength indicator

Unified Ergodic Capacity Expressions for AF Dual-Hop Systems With Hardware Impairments

System Setup sentence examples within Optic System Setup

Absolute Distance Measurement with a Long Ambiguity Range Using a Tri-Comb Mode-Locked Fiber Laser

Absolute Distance Measurement with a Long Ambiguity Range Using a Tri-Comb Mode-Locked Fiber Laser

System Setup sentence examples within General System Setup

Open Source Data Logging and Data Visualization for an Isolated PV System

Non-ambient-temperature powder diffraction

System Setup sentence examples within Camera System Setup

Hybrid Learning Driven by Dynamic Descriptors for Video Classification of Reflective Surfaces

3D Content Acquisition and Coding

System Setup sentence examples within Optical System Setup

High-speed simultaneous measurement of depth and normal for real-time 3D reconstruction

Highly efficient modulation of upconversion luminescence at a millisecond timescale

System Setup sentence examples within Ao System Setup

Model-based wavefront sensorless control with magnetic fluid deformable mirror for large aberration corrections

Large Aberration Correction by Magnetic Fluid Deformable Mirror with Model-Based Wavefront Sensorless Control Algorithm

System Setup sentence examples within Imaging System Setup

Technical considerations in the Verasonics research ultrasound platform for developing a photoacoustic imaging system.

Compact Broadband Triple-Ring Five-Port Reflectometer for Microwave Brain Imaging Applications

System Setup sentence examples within Considered System Setup

IoT-Based Coordinated Direct and Relay Transmission With Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access

On the Performance of RIS-Assisted Dual-Hop Mixed RF-UWOC Systems

System Setup sentence examples within Initial System Setup

Tracking Energy Efficiency Performance at Clean Energy Solutions

Phase stability and mechanical properties of wire + arc additively manufactured H13 tool steel at elevated temperatures

System Setup sentence examples within Director System Setup

Using a Web-Based Platform as an Alternative for Conducting International, Multidisciplinary Medical Conferences During the Novel COVID-19 Pandemic: Analysis of a Conference

Online Platform as an Alternative for International Multidisciplinary Medical Conferences During the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic.

System Setup sentence examples within system setup use

Detecting Multiple People with Low-Resolution Thermal Sensors in Smart Spaces

Non-Intrusive Presence Detection and Position Tracking for Multiple People Using Low-Resolution Thermal Sensors

System Setup sentence examples within system setup phase

A New Fog-Based Routing Strategy (FBRS) for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks

Privacy Preserved Medical Service Provider Selection in Cloud-based WBAN

WISE: MQTT-based Protocol for IP Device Provisioning and Abstraction in IoT Solutions

Bunch-by-bunch beam lifetime measurement at SSRF

Wrapping Up Viruses at Multiscale Resolution: Optimizing PACKMOL and SIRAH Execution for Simulating the Zika Virus

Field test of an active flap system on a full-scale wind turbine

First result of CRDS system with cesium operation for radiofrequency negative ion source test facility at ASIPP

Development and Quantitation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms after in vitro Cultivation in Flow-reactors.

Automatic Temperature Measurement and Monitoring System for Milling Process of AA6041 Aluminum Aloy using MLX90614 Infrared Thermometer Sensor with Arduino

Life Cycle Assessment of an Electric Chiller Integrated with a Large District Cooling Plant

An integrated continuous downstream process with real‐time control: A case study with periodic countercurrent chromatography and continuous virus inactivation

Topology optimization using PETSc: a Python wrapper and extended functionality

The need for a standardized whole leg radiograph guideline: The effects of knee flexion, leg rotation, and X-ray beam height

Design of embedded application software of 3D camera based on line laser

A feasibility study of time of flight cone beam computed tomography imaging.

Nonequilibrium steady-state theory of photodoped Mott insulators

A Novel Visible Light-Excited Interference Behavior Occurred in Capillary Waveguide

End-To-End Projector Photometric Compensation

Dual-matrix 3D culture system as a biomimetic model of epithelial tissues

Multi-scale and -mode sensorless adaptive optics OCT for in vivo human retinal imaging (Conference Presentation)

Small-signal stability of hybrid multi-terminal HVDC system

CUbE: A Research Platform for Shared Mobility and Autonomous Driving in Urban Environments

Is entanglement necessary in the reservoir input?

Using Mr. MAPP for Lower Limb Phantom Pain Management

Next Generation Fast Shutter System for LIGO

Emulate Processing of Assorted Database Server Applications on Flash-Based Storage in Datacenter Infrastructures

Occlusion-robust sensing method by using the light-field of a 3D display system toward interaction with a 3D image.

Finite-Cardinality Single-RF Differential Space-Time Modulation for Improving the Diversity-Throughput Tradeoff

A novel real-time feedback compensation system associated with inductive voltage generated by plasma in the EAST PF coil quench detection system

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Continuous Bed Motion Acquisition with Axially Short Phantom for System Setup and Quality Control

Letter to the Editor on “Augmented Reality Based Navigation for Computer Assisted Hip Resurfacing: A Proof of Concept Study”

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