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System Interaction sentence examples within Immune System Interaction

Epigenetic modulation of immunotherapy and implications in head and neck cancer.

Comparative colloidal stability, antitumor efficacy, and immunosuppressive effect of commercial paclitaxel nanoformulations

System Interaction sentence examples within Complex System Interaction

An Integrated Kinematic Modeling and Experimental Approach for an Active Endoscope

Developing Smart Campus Readiness Instrument Based on Pagliaro’s Smart Campus Model and Smart City Council’s Readiness Framework

System Interaction sentence examples within Root System Interaction

Root System Interactions of Common Vetch (Vicia Sativa L.) and Triticale (Xtriticosecale Wittmack) Under Intercropping Conditions

Drought and Nitrogen Application Modulate the Morphological and Physiological Responses of Dalbergia odorifera to Different Niche Neighbors

System Interaction sentence examples within Earth System Interaction

Applying a novel systems approach to address systemic environmental injustices

A prototype Earth system impact metric that accounts for cross-scale interactions

System Interaction sentence examples within Nervou System Interaction

Cellular pathogenesis of gastroparesis

Recent advances in autonomic neurology: An overview

System Interaction sentence examples within Natural System Interaction

An integrated, multi-scale approach for modelling urban metabolism changes as a means for assessing urban sustainability

Exploring Gaze-Based Prediction Strategies for Preference Detection in Dynamic Interface Elements

System Interaction sentence examples within Care System Interaction

Differentiated Service Delivery Models for HIV Treatment in Malawi, South Africa, and Zambia: A Landscape Analysis

Factors Associated With Age of Presentation to Gender-Affirming Medical Care

System Interaction sentence examples within system interaction database

DTYMK Expression Predicts Prognosis and Chemotherapeutic Response and Correlates with Immune Infiltration in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Upregulation of LIMK1 Is Correlated With Poor Prognosis and Immune Infiltrates in Lung Adenocarcinoma

System Interaction sentence examples within system interaction datum

Transfer Learning in Collaborative Recommendation for Bias Reduction

Classifying Speech Acts using Multi-channel Deep Attention Network for Task-oriented Conversational Search Agents

System Interaction sentence examples within system interaction model

Nonlinear dynamics in tumor-immune system interaction models with delays

Cancer immune control dynamics: a clinical data driven model of systemic immunity in patients with metastatic melanoma

Synthetic threads through the web of life

Beyond Barriers: A Practical Analysis of the SIM-SR Method to Inspect the Communicability of Interactive Systems for Visually Impaired Users

Assessing quantitative modelling practices, metamodelling, and capability confidence of biology undergraduate students

“Can You Search for Me?”: Understanding and Improving User‐System Dialogues for Complex Search Tasks

Underground main pipeline behaviour under a travelling impulse in the form of a triangle

On species, its reality and types of species

Healthcare Chatbot System using Artificial Intelligence


Modeling of the Schemes for Organizing a Session of Person-System Interactions in the Information System for Critical Use Which Operates in a Wireless Communication Environment

Ecosystem services and biodiversity of agricultural systems at the landscape scale

Emotional Competencies as Part of the Parameter Structure of Psychological Health in High School Students with Different Virtual Communication Engagement Rates

Visualization of user interactions with a pressure mapping mobile application for wheelchair users at risk for pressure injuries.

Simulation of Drainage cleaning Robotics system using solid work Tinkercad software

At Least One Zoonosis Silently Spreads During COVID-19: Brucellosis.

Cascading effects of cyber-attacks on interconnected critical infrastructure

Space, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Dynamics, and Interspecific Ecological Interactions

Infrastructure performance prediction under Climate-Induced Disasters using data analytics

π-hole interactions of group III–VI elements with π-systems and Lewis bases: a comparative study

Hardware-in-the-Loop Characterization of Source-Affected Output Characteristics of Cascaded H-Bridge Converter

Emergent horizons and biodynamic interactions

Ecological network analysis to link interactions between system components and performances in multispecies livestock farms

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System Interaction 시스템 상호 작용

System Interaction 시스템 상호 작용
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