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Globins in the marine Annelid Platynereis dumerilii shed new light on hemoglobin evolution in Bilaterians

Postmortem imaging in goats using computed tomography with air as a negative contrast agent

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A New Fe-C Porous Filter Material From Dredged Sediment: Preparation, Characterization, And Its Application

A new Fe-C porous filter material from dredged sediment: preparation, characterization, and its application

Hydrodynamic analysis of a heat exchanger with crosscut twisted tapes and filled with thermal oil-based SWCNT nanofluid: applying ANN for prediction of objective parameters

[Effect of Filter Medium on the Enhancement of Complete Autotrophic Nitrogen Removal over Nitrite Process in a Tidal Flow Constructed Wetland].

Evaluation of Biogas Biodesulfurization Using Different Packing Materials

Parametric study of cascade latent heat thermal energy storage (CLHTES) system in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants

Investigation of phase change materials integrated with fin-tube baseboard convector for space heating

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System Filled 시스템이 채워짐

System Filled 시스템이 채워짐
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