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Sustainability Initiative sentence examples within Environmental Sustainability Initiative

Environmental sustainability initiatives adopted by logistics service providers in a developing country – an overview in the Brazilian context


Sustainability Initiative sentence examples within Social Sustainability Initiative

Sometimes, green is the outcome: climate action in records management and archives in Canada

Social sustainability in the food value chain: what is and how to adopt an integrative approach?

Sustainability Initiative sentence examples within Implementing Sustainability Initiative

Governance and Management of Green IT: A Multi-Case Study

Better Late Than Never

Sustainability Initiative sentence examples within Corporate Sustainability Initiative

Assembling sustainability reporting in Singapore

Ecocentric management mindset: a framework for corporate sustainability

Sustainability Initiative sentence examples within Global Sustainability Initiative

“There is no such thing as ‘away’”: An Inquiry-Based Approach to Developing Learners’ Sustainability Literacy in the EFL Classroom

Disciplined Vision Casting: A Method for Exploring Possible Futures in the Era of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability Initiative sentence examples within Cocoa Sustainability Initiative

Fairtrade and beyond: Shifting dynamics in cocoa sustainability production networks

Impact of cocoa agricultural intensification on bird diversity and community composition.

Practices and Challenges Encountered by Woodcarving Industry in Paete, Laguna: Basis for Sustainability Program

Sustainability in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs: Authentic engagement through a community-based approach

Transparency of Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities: Determinants Influencing the Disclosure in Line with the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures

AccountAbility’s AA1000AP standard: a framework for integrating sustainability into organisations

How do public companies respond to national challenges through sustainability reporting? – The case of Sri Lanka

Green IT Quick Wins

Assessment of Awareness of Architects on Sustainable Building Materials in Minna, Nigeria

Licensing sustainability related aspects in Strategic Environmental Assessment. Evidence from Romania’s urban areas

Leadership for Education in a Digital Age

Developing a comprehensive business case for sustainability: an inductive study

Tristar – Safety, Sustainability and Stewardship

Benchmarking urban performance against absolute measures of sustainability – A review

SPE Board Announces Nominees 2023 President and 2022 Directors

Indigenous-Driven Sustainability Initiatives in Mountainous Regions: The Shuar in the Tropical Andes of Ecuador

A longitudinal study of sustainability attitudes, intentions, and behaviors

Issues and analysis of critical success factors for the sustainable initiatives in the supply chain during COVID- 19 pandemic outbreak in India: A case study

The Strategy of Social Responsibility at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana Toward the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

Measuring the progress of smart destinations: The use of indicators as a management tool

Mapping sustainability initiatives in higher education institutions in Latin America

United Nations Global Compact: Where are we going?

Enacting Sustainability in Footwear Product Development

Joining forces for sustainability education – Sustainability Education Collective at the University of Bergen

Do perceived risk and intervention affect crowdfunder behavior for the sustainable development goals? A model of goal-directed behavior

Reviewing initiatives to promote sustainable supply chains: The case of forest-risk commodities

Destination Design: A heuristic case study approach to sustainability-oriented innovation

Environmental Sustainability in Canadian Critical Care: A Nationwide Survey Study on Medical Waste Management.

Interpreting banks’ sustainability initiatives as reputational risk management and mechanisms for coping, re-embedding and rebuilding societal trust

Sustainability Transparency and Trustworthiness of Traditional and Blockchain Ecolabels: A Comparison of Generations X and Y Consumers

Digitainability: The Combined Effects of the Megatrends Digitalization and Sustainability

Deployment of Sustainable Development Framework in Export Manufacturing Firms for the Common Good

Cultivating Nature Identity and Ecological Worldviews: A Pathway to Alter the Prevailing Dominant Social Paradigm


Supply chain sustainability learning: the COVID-19 impact on emerging economy suppliers

Teaching an interdisciplinary course in sustainable food systems: science and history meet in “a world that works”

Bridging the governance divide: The role of SMEs in urban sustainability interventions

Gaining a Competitive Advantage through Sustainability Strategy: Managerial Applications for the Mining Sector

Drivers of green supply chain management: a close-up study

Southern actors and the governance of labour standards in global production networks: The case of South African fruit and wine

Sustainable Meat: Looking through the Eyes of Australian Consumers

Community Connections - Community-Led Cancer Screening Project

Contained: why it’s better to display some products without a package

Sustainable brand positioning by container shipping firms: Evidence from social media communications

Sustainable Practices in International Chain Hotels in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

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Sustainability Initiative 지속 가능성 이니셔티브

Sustainability Initiative 지속 가능성 이니셔티브
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