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Improved method for subsystems performance trade-off in system-of-systems oriented design of UAV swarms

Efficient Decentralized Task Allocation for UAV Swarms in Multi-target Surveillance Missions

Multi-region Coverage Path Planning for Heterogeneous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Systems

Unsupervised learning-based solution of the Close Enough Dubins Orienteering Problem

Framework for Multi-Asset Comparison and Rapid Down-selection for Earth Observation Missions

Behavior-Based Control for an Aerial Robotic Swarm in Surveillance Missions

Convolutional Neural Network-Based Multi-Target Detection and Recognition Method for Unmanned Airborne Surveillance Systems

Architecture Design for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Mission Planning System

A Simplified Path Planning Algorithm for Surveillance Missions of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles*

Synthesis, Analysis and 3D Printing of Flapping Mechanisms

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Surveillance Missions 감시 임무

Surveillance Missions 감시 임무
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