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Surface Error sentence examples within Tooth Surface Error

Analysis of the mathematical correlation between post-sharped hob and worm gear tooth surface

Research on Spiral Bevel Gear Detection Based on Environmental Tooth Surface Error Correction Method

Surface Error sentence examples within Optical Surface Error

The Accuracy of Surface Guided Hypofractionated Radiotherapy for Intracranial Metastasis With Open Face Mask Immobilization.

High contrast optical system design for exoplanets imaging

Surface Error sentence examples within Machined Surface Error

A stochastic model of plane grinding dynamic for the texture formation analysis

A unified prediction model of 3D surface topography in face milling considering multi-error sources

Surface Error sentence examples within Absolute Surface Error

Computational design and digital fabrication of folded timber sandwich structures

In-situ absolute measurement method for reference surface error of large aperture interferometer based on oblique incidence

Surface Error sentence examples within Sliding Surface Error

Design of a Fuzzy Adaptive Sliding Mode Control System for MEMS Tunable Capacitors in Voltage Reference Applications

AISMC for Islanded Operation of Wind Driven SEIG Based DC Nanogrid

Surface Error sentence examples within Mean Surface Error

Reconstruction of three-dimensional lumbar vertebrae from biplanar X-rays.

Automatic localization of the internal auditory canal for patient-specific cochlear implant modeling

Surface Error sentence examples within Rm Surface Error

Surface Tolerance Analysis of offset Reflector Antenna in Ku-Band

A Novel Approach to Reduce Optical Aberrations by using Deformable Bushes at Opto-Mechanical Interfaces

Surface Error sentence examples within Average Surface Error

Accuracy of intraoral scan images in full arch with orthodontic brackets: a retrospective in vivo study

Design, manufacturing and testing of a CPV + T based on a Cassegrain: trough configuration

Surface Error sentence examples within Random Surface Error

Random Error Characterization of Nonsmooth Parabolic Reflector Antennas With Gore-Faceted or Discontinuous Surface

A Handy Formula for Estimating the Effects of Random Surface Errors on Average Power Pattern of Distorted Reflector Antennas

Surface Error sentence examples within Residual Surface Error

Ion-beam figuring of x-ray mirrors

Development of a thermal-oxide patterning method for mitigating coating stress-induced distortion in silicon mirrors for the Lynx X-Ray Telescope mission concept (Conference Presentation)

Surface Error sentence examples within Grating Surface Error

Effect of thickness non-uniformity of large-area grating metal film on grating diffraction wavefront

Fast method to detect and calculate displacement errors in a Littrow grating-based interferometer.

Surface Error sentence examples within Dynamic Surface Error

Adaptive NN control for nonlinear systems with uncertainty based on dynamic surface control

Adaptive Neural Consensus Tracking Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems with Unknown Output Dead-zone

Surface Error sentence examples within surface error model

Wigner function-based modeling and propagation of partially coherent light in optical systems with scattering surfaces.

Non-ideal surface modelling approach for enabling uncertainty representation

Surface Error sentence examples within surface error rapidly

Investigation of global thermal effect of large fused silica surface figuring using inductively coupled plasma

Technical research on fabricating steep off-axis aspherical mirror based on infrared interferometric testing

Towards the spatialization of ALPAO dms

Precise Machining Based on Ritz Non-uniform Allowances for Titanium Blade Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting

Kidney Segmentation in 3-D Ultrasound Images Using a Fast Phase-Based Approach

An Analysis of Manufacturing Precision of Involute Worms Using a Kinematical Model

More Surface Error 표면 오류 sentence examples

Experimental measuring of printing speed in FDM

More Surface Error 표면 오류 sentence examples

Deep learning for cranioplasty in clinical practice: Going from synthetic to real patient data

Simulation of optical properties of ellipsoidal monocapillary X-ray optics with inner-surface imperfections

Surface Features of Code-switching in ‘The Nigerian Online Community’ Page on Facebook

Recognition of teaching method effects based on grid model simplification and artificial intelligence

Topology Optimization Based Parametric Design of Balloon Borne Telescope’s Primary Mirror

Performance simulations for the ground-based, expanded-beam x-ray source BEaTriX

Generative Model-Driven Sampling Strategy for the High-Efficiency Measurement of Complex Surfaces on Coordinate Measuring Machines

Optical design and intensity interferometry simulations in support of the Kilometer Space Telescope.

A New Method for Precision Measurement of Wall-Thickness of Thin-Walled Spherical Shell Parts

Feature-based characterization and extraction of ripple errors over the large square aperture.

More Surface Error 표면 오류 sentence examples

Stitching interferometric characterization of geometric errors of hemispherical shells

Improvement in Surface Characteristics of SS316L Tiny Gear Profiles by Magnetorheological-Polishing Fluid Using Flow Restrictor

Light-Field Imaging Reconstruction Using Deep Learning Enabling Intelligent Autonomous Transportation System

Adaptive fuzzy dynamic surface sliding mode control of large-scale power systems with prescribe output tracking performance.

Monte Carlo simulations: a tool to assess complex measurement systems

Suppressing high-order surface errors of an active carbon fiber reinforced composite reflector using two types of actuators

Influence of ply misalignment on form error in the manufacturing of CFRP mirrors with different layup sequences

Dynamic response analysis of a ball-end milling cutter and optimization of the machining parameters for a ruled surface

More Surface Error 표면 오류 sentence examples

Subaperture stitching testing for fine flat mirrors with large apertures using an orthonormal polynomial fitting algorithm

Geometric Error Modeling and Monitoring of the 3D Surface by Gaussian Correlation Model

Modeling machining errors for thin-walled parts according to chip thickness

Heavy-calibre off-axis aspheric surface polishing by industrial robot

Error compensation in the five-axis flank milling of thin-walled workpieces

Desensitization to mid-spatial-frequency surface errors.

A smooth and undistorted toolpath interpolation method for 5-DoF parallel kinematic machines

Design, manufacturing, and validation of the mirrors for an experimental Korsch telescope

More Surface Error 표면 오류 sentence examples

Femur finite element model instantiation from partial anatomies using statistical shape and appearance models.

Study on the relationship between surface error and optical performance for polymer optical lenses

Virtual wavefront calibration method based on ray tracing for alignment error compensation in the interferometric bearing ball measurement system

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