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Hybrid time-domain and continuous-wave diffuse optical tomography instrument with concurrent, clinical magnetic resonance imaging for breast cancer imaging

Inclination of the condylar long axis is not related to temporomandibular disc displacement

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Low SAR 31P (multi‐echo) spectroscopic imaging using an integrated whole‐body transmit coil at 7T

Development and Experimental Testing of Microstrip Patch Antenna-Inspired RF Probes for 14 T MRI Scanners

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Remote Sensing for the Detection of Explosives and Energetic Materials by 14N NQR and 14N NMR

Improved off‐resonance phase behavior using a phase‐inverted adiabatic half‐passage pulse for 13C MRS in humans at 7 T

MRI Assessment of Painful Knee Joint in Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre, Madurai, Tamil Nadu: A Cross- Sectional Study

A Theoretical Study on Circular Wire and Flat Strip Conductor Inductance for Magnetic Resonance-Shielded Phased-Array Circular Coils

Prediction of Posterior Paraglottic Space and Cricoarytenoid Unit Involvement in Endoscopically T3 Glottic Cancer with Arytenoid Fixation by Magnetic Resonance with Surface Coils

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A Novel Method for Flexible Distributed Capacitance Coil Simulation in MR Imaging

Layered and Truncated Conductors

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