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Support Influence sentence examples within Social Support Influence

Psychological well-being and coping strategies of elderly people during the COVID-19 pandemic in Hungary.

Effects of social support on performance outputs and perceived difficulty during physical exercise

Support Influence sentence examples within Family Support Influence

Low Knowledge and Lack of Awareness Regarding the Mass Drug Administration Health Promotion as the Determinant Factors in Non-Compliance to the Mass Drug Administration Health Program

The effects of nonwork and personal resources on frontline bank employees’ work engagement and critical job outcomes

Support Influence sentence examples within Organizational Support Influence

Holistic Work Engagement pada Tenaga Kesehatan di Kota Jakarta Barat: Pengaruh Digital Quotient, Authentic Leadership, dan Perceived Organizational Support selama Covid-19

Job Security, Organizational Support and Employee Performance: Mediating role of Employee Satisfaction in Medical Sector of Pakistan

Support Influence sentence examples within Emotional Support Influence

Cardiac vagal control in response to acute stress during pregnancy: Associations with life stress and emotional support.

Online communication self-disclosure and intimacy development on Facebook: the perspective of uses and gratifications theory

Support Influence sentence examples within Institutional Support Influence

Knowledge management and innovative behavior: police reform efforts in Puerto Rico

Technology Readiness for Internet of Things (IoT) Adoption in Smart Farming in Thailand

Support Influence sentence examples within Management Support Influence

The Influence Of Quality Information Toward User Satisfaction of Enterprise Resource Planning With Top Management Support As Moderating Variable

End-user Satisfaction as an Impact of the System Quality, Information Quality, and Top Management Support, upon the Perceived Usefulness of Technology Utilization

Support Influence sentence examples within Organisational Support Influence

Expatriate family adjustment: How organisational support on international assignments matters

1ISG-018 Organisational commitment of hospital pharmacists, relating to the supportive organisational environment

Support Influence sentence examples within Peer Support Influence

Opinion Expression Dynamics in Social Media Chat Groups: An Integrated Quasi-Experimental and Agent-Based Model Approach

A systematic and meta-analytic review of the literature on correctional officers: Identifying new avenues for research

Husband’s Support in the Taking-hold Phase of Postpartum (Phenomenology Study)

Colorectal Cancer Screening: A Quality Improvement Initiative Using a Bilingual Patient Navigator, Mobile Technology, and Fecal Immunochemical Testing to Engage Hispanic Adults.


“Walking into the unknown…” key challenges of pregnancy and early parenting with inflammatory arthritis: a systematic review and thematic synthesis of qualitative studies

Core psychosocial issues for children and adolescents in the context of limb lengthening and reconstruction surgery treatment

Revisiting the contingency theory: dissection of entrepreneurial orientation elements in retail franchisee performance

From angels to demons: Uncovering the relationships between tipping, social dignity, OCB and incivility intentions


Synthesis, stability and activity of palladium supported over various inorganic matrices in the selective hydrogenation of nitroaniline

Implementering av PICC-line – en kvalitativ studie av anestesisykepleieres erfaringer

Who Are Our First-Year At-Risk Humanities Students? A Reflection on a First-Year Survey Administered by the Wits Faculty of Humanities Teaching and Learning Unit in 2015 and 2016.

Dry and steam reforming of methane. Comparison and analysis of recently investigated catalytic materials. A short review.

Influence of Carbon Material Supports on the Efficiency of the Isotope Exchange between Dalargine and Tritium

Men’s support for abortion in Upper East and Upper West Ghana

The particle size dependence of CO oxidation on model planar titania supported gold catalysts measured by parallel thermographic imaging

Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane with CO2 over CrOx catalysts supported on Al2O3, ZrO2, CeO2 and CexZr1-xO2

Talent management dimensions and their relationship with retention of Generation-Y employees in the hospitality industry

Dry Reforming of Methane in DBD Plasma over Ni‐Based Catalysts: Influence of Process Conditions and Support on Performance and Durability

Enlarging English reading amount in Hong Kong primary schools: do social support and goal orientation matter?

Nickel based catalysts for methane dry reforming: Effect of supports on catalytic activity and stability

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Support Influence 지원 영향력

Support Influence 지원 영향력
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