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Application of Nomarski interference system in supersonic gas-jet target diagnosis

Effect of multiple parameters on the supersonic gas-jet target characteristics for laser wakefield acceleration

Simulation and Modeling of Direct Gas Injection through Poppet-type Outwardly-opening Injectors in Internal Combustion Engines

Inelastic Collisions of O2 with He at Low Temperatures.

Effects of fuel input on coherent jet length at various ambient temperatures

Fabrication, Characterization and Application of High Density Gas Targets for Intense Laser Interaction Experiments

Conformational transitions of poly(ethylene oxide) in supersonic jets of supercritical CO2

The ELI-NP IGISOL radioactive ion beam facility

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Supersonic Gas Jet 초음속 가스 제트

Supersonic Gas Jet 초음속 가스 제트
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