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Flame propagation and flashback characteristics in a kerosene fueled supersonic combustor equipped with strut/wall combined fuel injectors

Experimental study on flame development and stabilization in a kerosene fueled supersonic combustor

Enhancing mixing features in supersonic flow through geometric correction of the cavity depth relative to the height of the combustion chamber

Numerical Investigation on Pylon and Flush Wall Injection in Cold Coaxial Jets

Evaporation and combustion of n-heptane droplets in supersonic combustor

Unsteady characteristics of jet combustion in a supersonic combustor with a micro-vortex generator

Numerical evaluation of shock wave effects on turbulent mixing layers in a scramjet combustor

Combustion characteristics of supersonic strut-cavity combustor under plasma jet-assisted combustion

Experimental study of ignition and combustion characteristics of ethylene in cavity-based supersonic combustor at low stagnation temperature and pressure

Effect of added struts and intake velocity on flame stabilization in supersonic combustors

OH visualization of ethylene combustion modes in the exhaust of a fundamental, supersonic combustor

Investigation of strut-ramp injector in a Scramjet combustor: effect of strut geometry, fuel and jet diameter on mixing characteristics

Ignition and combustion characteristics of supersonic combustor under flight Mach number 2.6–3.8

The non-reacting flow characteristics of pylon and wall injections in a dual combustion ramjet engine

Numerical investigation on mixing improvement mechanism of transverse injection based scramjet combustor

Numerical investigation on influence of diamond shaped strut on the performance of a scramjet combustor

Modeling of Scramjet Combustors Based on Model Migration and Process Similarity

Convolutional neural network based combustion mode classification for condition monitoring in the supersonic combustor

Supersonic spray combustion subject to scramjets: Progress and challenges

Advances in flame stabilization process on a dual mode scramjet-A Review

Numerical Study on the Solid Fuel Rocket Scramjet Combustor with Cavity

Numerical investigation on mixing behavior of fuels inreacting and non-reacting flow condition of a cavity-strut based scramjet combustor

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Supersonic Combustor 초음속 연소기
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