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Supersonic Air sentence examples within breathing propulsion system

An ensemble radius basis function network based on dynamic time warping for real-time monitoring of supersonic inlet flow patterns

A hybrid of fast K-nearest neighbor and improved directed acyclic graph support vector machine for large-scale supersonic inlet flow pattern recognition

Supersonic Air sentence examples within Uniform Supersonic Air

The Characteristics of a Nanosecond Surface Sliding Discharge in a Supersonic Airflow Flowing around a Thin Wedge

A Pulsed Volume Discharge Localized in a Vortex Zone behind a Wedge in a Supersonic Flow

Supersonic Air sentence examples within Quiet Supersonic Air

Developing certification procedures for quiet supersonic aircraft using shaped sonic boom predictions through atmospheric turbulence

Sonic boom prediction and measurement analysis methods for certification of quiet supersonic aircraft

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Supersonic Air sentence examples within supersonic air flow

Starting to Unpick the Unique Air–Fuel Mixing Dynamics in the Recuperated Split Cycle Engine

LES of primary breakup of pulsed liquid jet in supersonic crossflow

Supersonic Air sentence examples within supersonic air intake

Evaluation of applicability of various turbulence models for investigation of high-speed flows in air intakes

Simple method for evaluating the efficiency of high-speed air intakes

Supersonic Air sentence examples within supersonic air stream

Influence of trapezoidal lobe strut on fuel mixing and combustion in supersonic combustion chamber

Mixing efficiency of hydrogen multijet through backward-facing steps at supersonic flow

Supersonic Air sentence examples within supersonic air jet

Shock-wave distortion cancellation using numerical recalculated intensity propagation phase holography

Liquid jet penetration and breakup in a free supersonic gas jet

Supersonic Air sentence examples within supersonic air plasma

Effect of CrSi2 on the ablation resistance of a ZrSi2-Y2O3/SiC coating prepared by SAPS

Application of Supersonic Air Plasma Torch for Metallic Nickel-Based Alloys Spraying

Supersonic Air sentence examples within supersonic air vehicle

Computational study on the detachment and attachment phenomena of shock waves

Effectiveness of multiple jets for a finned large slenderness ratio missile in supersonic crossflows

Study on Combustion Flow-Field of Solid Ducted Rocket with Multiple Gas Nozzles

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Three-dimensional numerical study of the directional heat transfer in an L-shaped carbon/carbon composite thermal protection system

Properties, Applications, and Production of Diborides of Some Transition Metals: Review. Part 2. Chromium and Zirconium Diborides

Nonlinear thermal flutter analysis of variable angle tow composite curved panels in supersonic airflow

Influence mechanism of lumped masses on the flutter behavior of structures

Potential Impacts of Supersonic Aircraft Emissions on Ozone and Resulting Forcing on Climate: An Update on Historical Analysis

Numerical and physical simulation of supersonic flow around shells

Investigation of UV filaments and their applications

Mathematical model of fuselage oscillations at transonic flight speeds

Design exploration on the mixing augmentation induced by the oblique shock wave and a novel step in a supersonic flow

Simulation Model of a Propulsion System of a Supersonic Aircraft

Loudness and short-term annoyance of sonic boom signatures at low levels.

A history of jet noise research at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

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Meshless numerical approach to flutter analysis of rotating pre-twisted nanocomposite blades subjected to supersonic airflow

Experimental study on the influence of the injection structure on solid scramjet performance

A Combined Energy Method for Flutter Instability Analysis of Weakly Damped Panels in Supersonic Airflow

Wavepacket Modelling of Broadband Shock-Associated Noise in Supersonic Shock-Containing Jets

Recording sonic booms with the Romanian infrasound arrays

Atomization of a liquid jet in supersonic crossflow in a combustion chamber with an expanded section

Understanding supersonic combustion with numerical simulation

A low-boom and low-drag design method for supersonic aircraft and its applications on airfoils

An active control method for reducing sonic boom of supersonic aircraft

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Effect of the flow rate of injected air on the temperature of porous wall in the supersonic flow

Fabrication and Testing of Rocket Engine Construction Elements by Addictive Production Approach

Application of Noise Certification Regulations within Conceptual Aircraft Design

Effects of non-isothermal oxidation on transient conjugate heat transfer of the cryo-supersonic air-quenching

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Influences of incoming flow on re-initiation of cellular detonations

Flow simulation of a supersonic airplane with installed engine nacelle

Calibration of projection-based reduced-order models for unsteady compressible flows

Drag Reduction In Supersonic Profiles

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Дибориды некоторых переходных металлов: свойства, области применения и методы получения. Часть 2. Дибориды хрома и циркония (обзор)

Investigations on the aero-thermo-elastic characteristics of arbitrary polygon built-up structures in supersonic airflow

Research progress on solid-fueled Scramjet

The suppression of nonlinear panel flutter response at elevated temperatures using a nonlinear energy sink

Effects of Atmospheric Profiles on Sonic Boom Perceived Level from Supersonic Vehicles

Active aerodynamic noise control research for supersonic aircraft cavity by nonlinear numerical simulation

Effect of a revolved wedge strut induced mixing enhancement for a hydrogen fueled scramjet combustor

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Suppression of panel flutter response in supersonic airflow using a nonlinear vibration absorber

Three-dimensional pore-scale study of the directional heat transfer in a high thermal conductivity carbon/carbon composite protection system

Linear aeroelastic analysis of cantilever hybrid composite laminated plates with curvilinear fibres and carbon nanotubes

Sloshing Analysis of a Supersonic Fuel Tank of an Aircraft

A universal method for the synthesis of refractory metal diborides

Compliance Analysis for Flow Effector Actuator Based on Serial Compliant Mechanism With Double Guide Ends

Flame propagation and flashback characteristics in a kerosene fueled supersonic combustor equipped with strut/wall combined fuel injectors

Numerical investigation of wavy wall strut fuel injector for hydrogen fueled scramjet combustor

Nonlinear vibrations, bifurcations and chaos of lattice sandwich composite panels on Winkler–Pasternak elastic foundations with thermal effects in supersonic airflow

Implicit large eddy simulation of vitiation effects in supersonic air/H2 combustion

An energy flow model for high-frequency vibration analysis of two-dimensional panels in supersonic airflow

Primary Breakup of Liquid Jet in Supersonic Crossflow

Aeroptical Effects Caused by Supersonic Airflow around an Ogival Body