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Cross-sphere modelling to evaluate impacts of climate and land management changes on groundwater resources.

Shift-Table: A Low-latency Learned Index for Range Queries using Model Correction

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From Motor-Output to Connectivity: An In-Depth Study of in-vitro Rhythmic Patterns in the Cockroach Periplaneta americana

Spanish validation of the Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire for Adolescents (EDE-Q-A): confirmatory factor analyses among a clinical sample

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Investigation of the Optimization Models Performance in Inverse Transient Leak Detection Method

Choosing the Best Lifetime Model for Commercial Lithium-Ion Batteries

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IoT-based analysis for controlling & spreading prediction of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia

Optimized Energy Management Model on Data Distributing Framework of Wireless Sensor Network in IoT System

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Automatization Search for the Shortest Routes in the Transport Network Using the Floyd-warshell Algorithm

From contemplation to classification of chromosomal mosaicism in human preimplantation embryos

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Functional model for the synthesis of nanostructures of the given quality level

Lessons on business model scalability for circular economy in the fashion retail value chain: Towards a conceptual model

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Model for identifying firm’s product innovation dynamics: applied to the case of the Korean mobile phone industry

Research on adaptive transmission and controls of COVID-19 on the basis of a complex network

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Skeleton-based Action Recognition with Two-Branch Graph Convolutional Networks

Accelerometer-based human activity recognition using 1D convolutional neural network

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Predicting rice yield at pixel scale through synthetic use of crop and deep learning models with satellite data in South and North Korea.

A Study of CNN-Based Human Behavior Recognition with Channel State Information

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Acceptability of mobile stock trading application: A study of young investors in Malaysia

Alliance Recommendations to Establish Quality in Egyptian Higher Education VLEs

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Application of RSM and ANN for the prediction and optimization of thermal conductivity ratio of water based Fe2O3 coated SiC hybrid nanofluid

Development and verification of the mathematical modeling for gas-pressurizer system

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Age and Gender Recognition Using a Convolutional Neural Network with a Specially Designed Multi-Attention Module through Speech Spectrograms

BioPREP: Deep Learning-based Predicate Classification with SemMedDB.

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Effects of interfacial shear strength on the operative aspects of interphase section and tensile strength of carbon-nanotube-filled system: A modeling study

A Transformer-Based Neural Machine Translation Model for Arabic Dialects That Utilizes Subword Units

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Revolutionizing the Stock Market With Blockchain

Generation of Regular Expressions for Large Clinical Dataset using NLP and Machine Learning Techniques

Spatial diagrams and geometrical reasoning in the theater

A Novel Radar Processing Tool for Estimating the Permittivity Profile of the Shallow Lunar Ejecta: A Case Study at the Von Kármán Crater

Transcritical evaporation and micro-explosion of ethanol-diesel droplets under diesel engine-like conditions

The Challenges of Identifying Dangers Online and Predictors of Victimization

AC/DC robust controller technique for reliable operation of photovoltaic-based microgrid using firefly algorithm and fuzzy logic

Toward smart schemes for modeling CO2 solubility in crude oil: Application to carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery

Evaluation of the Coherence of Polish Texts Using Neural Network Models

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Deep Residual Networks Model for Star-Galaxy Classification

The assessment of the earnings to stock value ratio in line with inflation

Assessment of renewable energy resources using new interval rough number extension of the level based weight assessment and combinative distance-based assessment

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Автоматизація керування енергетичними системами на основі процесу інтерпретації метаправил бази знань інтелектуальної системи

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Model for Causes Elimination of Staff Resistance to Innovative Change: evidence from Lithuanian Health Care Institutions

Advance and delay in payments with the price-discount inventory model for deteriorating items under capacity constraint and partially backlogged shortages

The Reform of Money Market Benchmarks Worldwide: Construction of a Forward Rate Model for the Moroccan Interbank Market

A novel stacked sparse denoising autoencoder for mammography restoration to visual interpretation of breast lesion

Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode Control With Ultra-Local Model and Single Input Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Control for Pitch Control of Wind Turbines

Modelling and Optimization of Channel Allocation for Power Line Communications Access Networks in the Presence of In-Line and In-Space Interference

Intelligent computing technique based supervised learning for squeezing flow model

Preparation And Characterization of Sodium Alginate/Acrylic Acid Composite Hydrogels Conjugated To Silver Nanoparticles As An Antibiotic Delivery System

Automatic Classification of Thyroid Findings Using Static and Contextualized Ensemble Natural Language Processing Systems: Development Study.

Emotion Efficacy Improves Prediction of HIV/AIDS Risky Behaviors: A Modified Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills Model


Promising Digital Schools: An Essential Need for an Educational Revolution

A model of new information dissemination in the society: important area in the parameter space

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Transmedia Ecosystems, Quality of Experience and Quality of Service in Fog Computing for Comfortable Learning

Risk Index-Based Ventilator Prediction System for COVID-19 Infection

Novel authorship verification model for social media accounts compromised by a human

Development and validation of resource-driven risk prediction models for incident chronic kidney disease in type 2 diabetes

Idealization through interactive modeling and experimental assessment of 3D-printed gyroid for trabecular bone scaffold.

Unconfined compressive strength prediction of soils stabilized using artificial neural networks and support vector machines

Prediction model for the leakage rate in a water distribution system

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A modelling approach and module for salinity management in drip irrigation

Delivering Meaningful Representation for Monocular Depth Estimation

Prediction of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Using Machine Learning Algorithms in SWAT, Pakistan

Fast and Accurate FEM based Model for the Periodic Layered Structure of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers

Application of a sequential multi-solid-liquid equilibrium approach using PC-SAFT for accurate estimation of wax formation

On the Prediction of Biogas Production from Vegetables, Fruits, and Food Wastes by ANFIS- and LSSVM-Based Models

Challenges in Green Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management in Sustainability and Industry 4.0

On the prediction of filtration volume of drilling fluids containing different types of nanoparticles by ELM and PSO-LSSVM based models

Electrochemical determination of niobium cathode as an efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen generation in acidic media

Risk-Involved Optimal Operating Strategy of a Hybrid Power Generation Company: A Mixed Interval-CVaR Model

Determination of six drugs used for treatment of common cold by micellar liquid chromatography

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