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Successful Aging sentence examples within Promote Successful Aging

Factor Analysis of Subjective Well-Being Sustainability through Foreign Language Learning in Healthy Older Individuals

Aging Matters Through the Years: A Retrospective.

Successful Aging sentence examples within Achieve Successful Aging

Gene Expression Profile in Different Age Groups and Its Association with Cognitive Function in Healthy Malay Adults in Malaysia

Conclusions. Slowing aging and fighting age-related diseases, from bench to bedside?

Successful Aging sentence examples within Promoting Successful Aging

Older Adult Peer Support Specialists’ Age-Related Contributions to an Integrated Medical and Psychiatric Self-Management Intervention: Qualitative Study of Text Message Exchanges

Can the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) Help Explain Subjective Well-Being in Senior Citizens due to Gateball Participation?

Successful Aging sentence examples within Rated Successful Aging

Effectiveness of resistance training on resilience in Hong Kong Chinese older adults: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Psychosocial Mechanisms of Self-rated Successful Aging with HIV: A Structural Equation Model

Successful Aging sentence examples within Facilitate Successful Aging

Benefits and Barriers: A Qualitative Study of Online Social Participation Among Widowed Older Adults in Southwest China

Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the Physical Resilience Instrument for Older Adults (PRIFOR)

Successful Aging sentence examples within Perceived Successful Aging

Physical and mental health correlates of perceived financial exploitation in older adults: Preliminary findings from the Finance, Cognition, and Health in Elders Study (FINCHES)


Successful Aging sentence examples within Impact Successful Aging

A-17 Examining Cognitive Trajectories in SuperAgers within the LonGenity Study


Successful Aging sentence examples within Define Successful Aging

Whole-Grain Intake in the Mediterranean Diet and a Low Protein to Carbohydrates Ratio Can Help to Reduce Mortality from Cardiovascular Disease, Slow Down the Progression of Aging, and to Improve Lifespan: A Review

Subjective Successful Aging: Measurement Invariance Across 12-Years.

Successful Aging sentence examples within Encourage Successful Aging

The Aging Physician

Shifting to Primary Prevention for an Aging Population: A Scoping Review of Health Promotion Initiatives for Community-Dwelling Older Adults in Canada

Successful Aging sentence examples within successful aging among

The Aging Physician

The Association of Dietary Habits and Lifestyle Characteristics with Successful Aging among Older Greek Origin Individuals Living in France, Canada, and Greece: The Epidemiological Mediterranean Islands Study (MEDIS).

Successful Aging sentence examples within successful aging model

Precarity and Preparing for Old Age

Living with Buddy: can a social robot help elderly with loss of autonomy to age well ?

Successful Aging sentence examples within successful aging intervention

Association of Hearing Loss with Physical, Social, and Mental Activity Engagement.

Evaluation of a successful aging promotion intervention program for middle-aged adults in Taiwan

Neurocognitive Empowerment in Healthy Aging: a Pilot Study on the Effect of Non-invasive Brain Stimulation on Executive Functions

Sustainable Aging and Leisure Behaviors: Do Leisure Activities Matter in Aging Well?

Tooth retention predicts good physical performance in older adults

Influence of Gender on Psychological Wellbeing among Elderly Working And Nonworking Respondents

Female Mice Reaching Exceptionally High Old Age Have Preserved 20S Proteasome Activities

Perception of Successful Aging in Nursing Students

Cross-age networks, successful aging, and depression among Middle-aged South Koreans living in Seoul

Experiences With Social Participation in Group Physical Activity Programs for Older Adults.

Resilience and Psychobiological Response to Stress in Older People: The Mediating Role of Coping Strategies

The Digital Engagement of Older People: Systematic Scoping Review Protocol

Effect of Cognitive Control on Attentional Processing of Emotional Information Among Older Adults: Evidence From an Eye-Tracking Study

Life Satisfaction, Positive Affect, and Sleep Impairment in Masters Athletes: Modulation by Age, Sex, and Exercise Type

Male-Female Differences In The Effects Of Age On Performance Measures Recorded For 23 Hours In Mice.

What intensity of exercise is most suitable for the elderly in China? A propensity score matching analysis

The Utility of Solution-Oriented Strategies to Support Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Successful Aging Focused on the Dimensions of Perceived Social Support and Mental Vitality in the Elderly Referred to the Health Centers of Iran University of Medical Sciences (2020)

Bruce Nathan Ames - Paradigm shifts inside the cancer research revolution.

Power assistance algorithm of an E-Trike for older adults based on inverse dynamics

Chronobiology and chrononutrition: Relevance for aging

Dissociating direct and indirect effects: a theoretical framework of how latent toxoplasmosis affects cognitive profile across the lifespan

Taking care of each other.

The Importance of Social Support, Positive Identity, and Resilience in the Successful Aging of Older Sexual Minority Men

Tai Chi Interventions Promoting Social Support and Interaction Among Older Adults: A Systematic Review.

Successful Aging Perception in Middle-Aged Korean Men: A Q Methodology Approach

Ways to become old: Role of lifestyle in modulation of the hallmarks of aging

Association between vision and hearing impairment and successful aging over five years.

Centenarian longevity had inverse relationships with nutritional status and abdominal obesity and positive relationships with sex hormones and bone turnover in the oldest females

A comprehensive score reflecting memory‐related fMRI activations and deactivations as potential biomarker for neurocognitive aging

The Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Response in a Centenarian Woman: A Case of Long-Term Memory?

Attitudes toward successful aging in individuals with chronic disease aged 65 or over

The Importance of Age-Friendly City on Older People’s Continuity and Life Satisfaction

Successful aging and lifestyle comparison of Greeks living in Greece and abroad: the epidemiological Mediterranean Islands Study (MEDIS).

Quality of life in older people

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