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Shaping of the Present-Day Deep Biosphere at Chicxulub by the Impact Catastrophe That Ended the Cretaceous

Impact of the Deep Subseafloor Microbiome on Sedimentary Biomarker Records in the Chicxulub Impact Crater

Microbial redox interplay enhances biodiversity and ecosystem productivity

Basalt-Hosted Microbial Communities in the Subsurface of the Young Volcanic Island of Surtsey, Iceland

Genomes of Thaumarchaeota from deep sea sediments reveal specific adaptations of three independently evolved lineages

Hydrogen and carbon isotope fractionation factors of aerobic methane oxidation in deep-sea water

The Molecular Record of Metabolic Activity in the Subsurface of the Río Tinto Mars Analog.

Pressure effects on sulfur‐oxidizing activity of Thiobacillus thioparus

The formation mechanisms of sedimentary pyrite nodules determined by trace element and sulfur isotope microanalysis

Unrecognized Functions of Coenzyme F430 and its Appications on Geomicrobiology and Catalyst Chemistry

Genome of a Member of the Candidate Archaeal Phylum Verstraetearchaeota from a Subsurface Thermal Aquifer Revealed Pathways of Methyl-Reducing Methanogenesis and Fermentative Metabolism

Advances in the microbial mineralization of seafloor hydrothermal systems

Possible Tectonic Impact of Biosphere

14C‐Free Carbon Is a Major Contributor to Cellular Biomass in Geochemically Distinct Groundwater of Shallow Sedimentary Bedrock Aquifers

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Subsurface Biosphere 지하 생물권

Subsurface Biosphere 지하 생물권
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