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Effect of supporting substrate on the failure behavior of a polymer-infiltrated ceramic network material.

Dewetting Metal Nanofilms—Effect of Substrate on Refractive Index Sensitivity of Nanoplasmonic Gold

Análise da temperatura superficial terrestre no municipio de São José - SC a partir de imagens Landsat 8

Laser-fluence dependence of microstructure formed on nickel by backward pulse laser deposition

World-Wide Comparative Evidence for Calquing of Valency Patterns in Creoles

Experimental approach to thermal conductivity of macro solder joints with voids

Lattice Registry and Evidence for Surface Reconstructions of Metal Films on Suspended 2D Membranes Following Annealing

The perfect in English-lexifier pidgins and creoles: A comparative study

Структурные свойства графена на медных подложках

Evaluation of microbial fuel cell performance utilizing sequential batch feeding of different substrates

Effect of substrate on ornamental bromeliads seedling production.

An auto-inducible phosphate-controlled expression system of Bacillus licheniformis

Pluralized non-count nouns across Englishes: A corpus-linguistic approach to variety types

Hipoteza Witolda Mańczaka o ugrofińskim substracie w językach bałtyckich

Towards the online computer-aided design of catalytic pockets

Influence of thermal annealing on the properties of evaporated Er-doped SnO2

Influence of substrate effects in magnetic and transport properties of magnesium ferrite thin films

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Substrate Influence 기질 영향

Substrate Influence 기질 영향
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