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Drivers of sustainable entrepreneurial intentions among university students: an integrated model from a developing world context

Identification of critical factors affecting the students’ acceptance of Learning Management System (LMS) in Saudi Arabia

Effects of mentor–mentee discordance on Latinx undergraduates’ intent to pursue graduate school and research productivity

Factors that Influence High School Female Students’ Intentions to Pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education in Malaysia

Influencing factors in M-learning adoption in higher education

A survey of business and science students’ intentions to engage in sustainable entrepreneurship

Açık ve uzaktan öğrenmede etkileşimli elektronik kitapların kullanım kabulünü etkileyen faktörler

Give a Little, Take a Little?

Environmental Education: Ecological Wisdom of Indigenous Peoples in Western Siberia

Undergraduate business students’ perception of auditing: impact of proximity and knowledge on auditors’ stereotype

Formation of the Entrepreneurial Potential of Student Youth: A Factor of Work Experience

Factors affecting students’ intentions to undertake online learning: an empirical study in Vietnam

Asian Students’ Preferred Forms of Future Civic Engagement: Beyond Conventional Participation

Web-based videoconferencing in online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic: University students’ perspectives

Dimensionality and reliability of a screening instrument for students at-risk of dropping out from Higher Education

Perceived Enjoyment and Attractiveness Influence Taiwanese Elementary School Students’ Intention to Use Interactive Video Learning

Extended theory of planned behavior in explaining the intention to COVID-19 vaccination uptake among mainland Chinese university students: an online survey study

Polish Medical Students’ Knowledge Regarding Human Papillomavirus’s Ways of Transmission, Risk of Cancer Development and Vaccination, and Their Intention to Recommend Vaccination

Acceptance of a flipped smart application for learning: a study among Thai university students

Using the UTAUT model to understand students’ usage of e-learning systems in developing countries

Sustained Use of Virtual Meeting Platforms for Classes in the Post-Coronavirus Era: The Mediating Effects of Technology Readiness and Social Presence

Testing the Effect of Social Norms Theory-based Interventions: Are they Harmful for University Students who Drink Less than the Peer Norm?

The Impact of Institutional Dimensions on Entrepreneurial Intentions of Students—International Evidence

Fanning the Flames of Passion: A Develop Mindset Predicts Strategy-Use Intentions to Cultivate Passion

Identifying the Antecedents of University Students’ Usage Behaviour of Fitness Apps

Attitude of youth towards self-employment: Evidence from university students in Yemen

The impact of perceived psychosocial environment and academic emotions on higher education students’ intentions to drop out

Beyond Good Intentions: The Role of the Building Passport for the Sustainable Conservation of Built Heritage to Behavioural Change

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy among University Students in Lebanon

Reason Explanation for Encouraging Behaviour Change Intention

Factors Related to Intentions to Commit Dating Violence among Taiwanese University Students: Application of the Extended Theory of Planned Behavior

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Students Intentions 학생의 의도

Students Intentions 학생의 의도
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