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“I like the first slide. I like how we put it like that [words and pictures on a diagonal]:” composing multimodal texts in a grade four classroom

Exploring the Determinants Affecting the Students’ Engagement with Online Learning: A Preliminary Investigation

University students’ behavioral intention and gender differences toward the acceptance of shifting regular field training courses to e-training courses

Enhancing the Intention to Preview Learning Materials and Participate in Class in the Flipped Classroom Context through the Use of Handouts and Incentivisation with Virtual Currency

Drivers of sustainable entrepreneurial intentions among university students: an integrated model from a developing world context

Identification of critical factors affecting the students’ acceptance of Learning Management System (LMS) in Saudi Arabia

The two perfect scorers for technology acceptance

An investigation of the intention and reasons of senior high school students in China to choose medical school

Effects of mentor–mentee discordance on Latinx undergraduates’ intent to pursue graduate school and research productivity

Factors that Influence High School Female Students’ Intentions to Pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education in Malaysia

An assessment of the interplay between literacy and digital Technology in Higher Education

The Impact of Cultural Intelligence on University Students’ Intention to Study Abroad: The Role of Perceived Value

Influencing factors in M-learning adoption in higher education

Behavioral modeling: inspiring college students to intervene in instances of sexual assault

Joint Programs in Vietnam in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic: “A model” of Students’ Preference (What do Learners Care about?)

The Moderating Effects of Demographic Factors: The Usage of M-Learning Services among Jordanian Students

A survey of business and science students’ intentions to engage in sustainable entrepreneurship

Examining university students’ behavioural intention to use e-learning during the COVID-19 pandemic: An extended TAM model

Investigation of the Factors Affecting Open and Distance Education Learners’ Intentions to Use a Virtual Laboratory

Determinants of consumers’ frugal innovation acceptance in a developed country

Açık ve uzaktan öğrenmede etkileşimli elektronik kitapların kullanım kabulünü etkileyen faktörler

Give a Little, Take a Little?

Facilitating Informed Decision Making: Determinants of University Students’ COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake

Extending technology acceptance model (TAM) to measure the students’ acceptance of using digital tools during open and distance learning (ODL)

Muslim Students’ Level of Knowledge of Halal Label, Hygiene, Preference and Buying Intention in Faculty of Health Sciences, Universitas Jenderal Soedirman

Environmental Education: Ecological Wisdom of Indigenous Peoples in Western Siberia

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Students’ use of Cloud Storage in their Studies: A Case of a Private University in the Philippines

Towards agriculture as career: predicting students’ participation in the agricultural sector using an extended model of the theory of planned behavior

Undergraduate business students’ perception of auditing: impact of proximity and knowledge on auditors’ stereotype


Factors Influencing Intention towards Technopreneurship among University Students

Formation of the Entrepreneurial Potential of Student Youth: A Factor of Work Experience

Factors affecting students’ intentions to undertake online learning: an empirical study in Vietnam

Asian Students’ Preferred Forms of Future Civic Engagement: Beyond Conventional Participation

Graduate Students’ Behavioral Intention towards Social Entrepreneurship: Role of Social Vision, Innovativeness, Social Proactiveness, and Risk Taking

Determinants of organic food purchases intention: the application of an extended theory of planned behaviour:

Web-based videoconferencing in online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic: University students’ perspectives

Penggunaan Technology Acceptance Model Untuk Menganalisis Behavioural Intention Mahasiswa Dalam Menggunakan E-Learning

Dimensionality and reliability of a screening instrument for students at-risk of dropping out from Higher Education

Perceived Enjoyment and Attractiveness Influence Taiwanese Elementary School Students’ Intention to Use Interactive Video Learning

Technology Acceptance Model Validation in an Educational Context: A Longitudinal Study of ERP System Use

Extended theory of planned behavior in explaining the intention to COVID-19 vaccination uptake among mainland Chinese university students: an online survey study

Polish Medical Students’ Knowledge Regarding Human Papillomavirus’s Ways of Transmission, Risk of Cancer Development and Vaccination, and Their Intention to Recommend Vaccination

Using virtual reality for dynamic learning: an extended technology acceptance model

Acceptance of a flipped smart application for learning: a study among Thai university students

Exploring On-Campus Student Satisfaction on Learning Via Mooc

COVID-19 crisis and the continuous use of virtual classes

Analysis of influencing factors and teaching reform of nuclear professional English based on logistic regression

Nexus between integrating technology readiness 2.0 index and students’ e-library services adoption amid the COVID-19 challenges: Implications based on the theory of planned behavior

For Sustainable Application of Mobile Learning: An Extended UTAUT Model to Examine the Effect of Technical Factors on the Usage of Mobile Devices as a Learning Tool

Comparative Analysis on Lexical Richness in Chinese-English Translation with Help of E-Dictionary Among Medium and Low Level Students

Analisa faktor-Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Minat Mahasiswa Dalam Penggunaan Aplikasi Grab (Studi Kasus : Mahasiswa STMIK Nusa Mandiri Jakarta)


Not Just a Specimen: A Qualitative Study of Emotion, Morality, and Professionalism in One Medical School Gross Anatomy Laboratory

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Students Intention 학생 의도

Students Intention 학생 의도
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