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Architectural design concept and guidelines for floating structures for tackling sea level rise impacts on Abu-Qir

Floating Structures as a Means of Safeguarding Coastal Urbanizations Sovereignty Against the Rising Seas : A Floating Community for Egypt

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Dall’ hospitium all’ hortus medicus : le radici della sanità pubblica

Soft-sediment deformation: deep-water slope deposits of a back-arc basin (middle Eocene-Oligocene Kırkgeçit Formation, Elazığ Basin), Eastern Turkey

Structures Developed sentence examples within Geological Structures Developed

Geodynamic features of the Black Sea-South Caspian megadepression evolution in the Meso-Cenozoic time

Investigation of the Upper Mantle Anisotropy Beneath the Anatolian Plate and Surroundings by Shear Wave Splitting Analysis

Structures Developed sentence examples within Nanoporou Structures Developed

Revisiting anodic alumina templates: from fabrication to applications.

Tuning dendritic structure at nanoporous alumina/aluminium interface for uniform electrodeposition of metals for nanocomposite coatings

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The intermediary players affect the altruism behavior on the bipartite network

Structures Developed sentence examples within structures developed within

Characteristics and formation mechanisms of Mesozoic compressional structures in the Huanghua Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China

Hydrothermal Gelation of Pure Cellulose Nanofiber Dispersions

Newly characterized bovine mammary stromal region with epithelial properties supports representative epithelial outgrowth development from transplanted stem cells.

Dating folding beyond folding, from layer-parallel shortening to fold tightening, using mesostructures: Lessons from the Apennines, Pyrenees and Rocky Mountains

Anisotropic properties of oblique angle deposited permalloy thin films

Comparative Analysis of Deep Learning Models For COVID-19 Detection

A Novel Mouse Wound Model for Scar Tissue Formation in Abdominal-Muscle Wall

On the Loop Homology of a Certain Complex of RNA Structures

Topology optimization of tie-down structure for transportation of metal cask containing spent nuclear fuel

A portable NIR fluorimeter directly quantifies singlet oxygen generated by nanostructures for Photodynamic Therapy.

Purity of single-photon emission with silver patch nanoantennas: spontaneous photoluminescence spikes up to 400-900 Kcounts/S

Investigation of porous polydimethylsiloxane structures with tunable properties induced by the phase separation technique

On the Loop Homology of a Certain Complex of RNA Structures

Mesoarchean migmatites of the Carajás Province: From intra-arc melting to collision

Mechanical characterization and properties of laser-based powder bed–fused lattice structures: a review

45 Embryonic disc development invitro in ovine embryos

Diffusion behavior and bending fracture mechanism of W/Ti multilayer composites

Multifunctional Metal‐oxide Integrated Monolayer Graphene Heterostructures for Planar, Flexible, and Skin‐mountable Device Applications

Kinematics of subduction in the Ibero-Armorican arc constrained by 3D microstructural analysis of garnet and pseudomorphed lawsonite porphyroblasts from Île de Groix (Variscan belt)

Additive Manufacturing Process and Their Applications for Green Technology

Microstructural adjustment of carburized steel components towards reducing the quenching-induced distortion

Extreme Ultraviolet Multilayer Nanostructures and Their Application to Solar Plasma Observations: A Review.

Continuous dynamic recrystallization during the transient deformation in a Ni-30%Fe austenitic model alloy

2D hierarchical yolk-shell heterostructures as advanced host-interlayer integrated electrode for enhanced Li-S batteries

Membrane-supported 1D MOF hollow superstructure array prepared by polydopamine-regulated contra-diffusion synthesis for uranium entrapment.

NiO decorated CeO2 nanostructures as room temperature isopropanol gas sensors

Imbabura volcano (Ecuador): The influence of dipping-substrata on the structural development of composite volcanoes during strike-slip faulting

Microstructures, subglacial till deposition, and shear band development revealing up-section changes in shear–A study from Weissbach, Austria

A programmable DNA-origami platform for studying protein-mediated lipid transfer between bilayers

Description of a new tribe Cabralcandonini (Candonidae,Ostracoda) from karst aquifers in central Texas, U.S.A

Temperature dependent photoluminescence of surfactant assisted electrochemically synthesized ZnSe nanostructures

Numerical techniques for electromagnetic simulation of daytime radiative cooling: A review

Solidification Behavior of Duplex Stainless Steel (UNS S32205) Welds as a Function of WRC–1992 Diagram Equivalents and Cooling Rate

New methods for manufacturing composite materials

An Innovation System in Transition: Main Features and Current Policy Challenges (OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: South Africa 2007)

Multifunctional energy storage composite structures with embedded lithium-ion batteries

Microstructural aspects of energy absorption of high manganese steels

Nonpolarizing Interference Systems Containing Metallic Layers

Normal fault growth influenced by basement fabrics: The importance of preferential nucleation from pre‐existing structures

Tectonic Relationships and Structural Development between Arjosari, Pacitan, East Java and Tawangmangu, Karanganyar, Central Java

Aspects of the extension of forty exploitation of bulk reservoirs for irrigation and hydropower purposes

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Tópicos de pesquisa em problemas de excitação paramétrica e de vibrações induzidas pelo escoamento.

Damage behavior of orthopedic titanium alloys with martensitic microstructure during sliding wear in physiological solution

Towards an ecological trait‐data standard

On the origin of hot rolling textures of ferritic stainless steels

Core microstructure-dependent bending fatigue behavior and crack growth of a case-hardened steel

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