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High‐performance IO for seismic processing on the cloud

Avaliação das estruturas de arquivo para processamento de dados sísmicos com alto desempenho na nuvem computacional

The influence of a novel edge enhancement software on image quality of DR hand images of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Large-Area Nanogap-Controlled 3D Nanoarchitectures Fabricated via Layer-by-Layer Nanoimprint.

2D MoO3-xSx/MoS2 van der Waals Assembly: A Tunable Heterojunction with Attractive Properties for Photocatalysis.

Chiral Molecular Carbon Nanostructures.

From isolated structures to continuous networks: A categorization of cytoskeleton-based motile engineered biological microstructures.

Summary of lecture and practical session at Biophysics and Structural Biology at Synchrotrons workshop: cryo-cooling in macromolecular crystallography—why and how?

Modular measurement platforms

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Infrastructures for High-Performance Computing: Cloud Infrastructures

Dynamical effects of retention structures on the mitigation of lake eutrophication

Decentralized Service Registry and Discovery in P2P Networks Using Blockchain Technology

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Structures Current 구조 현재

Structures Current 구조 현재
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